Zero Trust Segmentation maintains medical service delivery

Illumio makes healthcare attack-tolerant

Patients are the top priority

The biggest threat to any healthcare provider is not being able to deliver patient services and care. Denying access to the most critical services has proved highly profitable to cybercriminals.

Breaches and ransomware are inevitable as today’s increasingly connected healthcare systems create new attack vectors. Healthcare security teams must focus on improving their resilience to attacks.

Disruption is prevalent and costly

  • #1

    Healthcare executives cite ransomware as the number one cybersecurity threat.

  • 328%

    Ransomware attacks in healthcare increased by 328% in the first half of 2022.

  • $10

    The average cost of a healthcare data breach is $10.1 million, nearly $7 million more than the global average.

Why is healthcare cybersecurity essential?

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    Maintain the delivery of critical services

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    Avoid financial and reputational harm

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    Achieve and maintain compliance

Cyber resilience requires an “assume breach” mindset

Cyber resilience is the ability to deliver services continuously and keep critical operations up and running during and after a security breach.

Traditional cybersecurity solutions were designed to protect systems, networks, and data from attacks. Adopting a cyber resilience strategy with Zero Trust prevents systems and networks from being derailed when security is compromised.

Cyber resilience helps organizations recognize that attackers can be successful using improved evasion techniques. An “assume breach” mindset drives a more proactive approach to prepare, prevent, respond and recover from cybersecurity incidents.

Cybersecurity Resilience and the Assume Breach Mindset from Illumio

Challenges to healthcare cyber resilience

  • Increased connectivity

    A growing number of departments, systems, services and devices are connected, potentially exposing high-value services to attack.

  • Service transformation

    Advances like telemedicine and electronic medical records are changing the technology landscape, requiring a rethink on cybersecurity planning.

  • Targeted cybercrime

    Ransomware gangs have identified healthcare as a profitable target and are developing new ways to exploit their vulnerabilities and wreck havoc.

How Illumio solves healthcare security challenges

Watch this video to learn three ways the Illumio ZTS Platform addresses the healthcare industry's top cybersecurity and resilience challenges.

Better cyber resilience with Zero Trust Segmentation

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    Become attack-tolerant

    Gain a clear perspective on security risks across all assets with policy controls that stop the spread of cyberthreats.

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    Plan for an attack

    Understand dependencies between assets and enhance cyber resilience for critical systems by adopting Zero Trust Segmentation.

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    Adapt in real time

    Scale visibility and security policy dynamically as your IT environment evolves, ensuring business agility and resilience.

Healthcare providers around the world contain breaches with Illumio

...with Illumio, we had production assets enforced and under control in months, fulfilling our need to move faster and further our Zero Trust posture.
Andrew Dell


Andrew Dell
Illumio Core is superiorly designed to do a specific task. It doesn’t have all the overhead, management, and additional training needs that come with larger vendors.
IT Director

Large Medical Group

Our cyber imperative is in making sure that our operational platforms are robust and available. Illumio is ensuring that a security breach doesn't undermine our ability to provide care for our customers.
Information Security Manager

ACH Group