Visibility across the hybrid attack surface 

Map assets and identify potential risks with Illumio to reduce the attack surface

Implementing the right policies is impossible with network blind spots

  • Lack of visibility hides potential risks

    Without being able to map communications between assets, it’s impossible to understand all the potential risks. 

  • An incomplete view makes it difficult to respond 

    Legacy tools don't offer complete visibility or the agility required to react quickly to an attack.

  • Insight into vulnerabilities helps assess risk

    Visibility of how vulnerable systems are connected is key to assessing the risk of an individual resource.

Lack of visibility reduces cyber resilience

  • AI is accelerating the speed and impact of cyberattacks

    Threat actors are using AI-generated attacks to find all vulnerabilities and open paths, making identification critical.

  • New regulations require increased cyber resilience

    Recent industry and regulatory cybersecurity mandates require improved security for IT and OT assets.

  • Attackers want to disrupt  operations

    Threat actors are focusing on disruptive attacks that legacy cybersecurity tools can’t prevent.

Identify and reduce risk with Illumio

  • Map IT and OT dependencies

    Simplify security policy design by understanding communication and traffic flows.

  • Identify risk

    Secure against exploits by seeing systems with vulnerabilities and how they connect.

  • Audit ports and protocols

    Restrict the movement of ransomware by identifying and closing high-risk ports.

  • See and fix vulnerabilities

    Protect critical assets by identifying and closing non-essential connections.

Modern organizations get comprehensive visibility with Illumio

“The simple yet powerful graphical map provided visibility that we never had before. I knew that it would be invaluable to easily understand and control what’s happening inside our network.”
Mikael Karlsson

Head of IT Infrastructure
AFA Försäkring

Ready to get end-to-end visibility?