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Research Report

Zero Trust Impact Report

Get the ESG research on how organizations are approaching Zero Trust and proven benefits of Zero Trust Segmentation.


Zero Trust Segmentation for Healthcare Organizations

Zero Trust Segmentation helps healthcare providers protect critical applications, medical devices and patient information from cyberattacks.


Implementing Zero Trust With Illumio and Appgate

Build a comprehensive Zero Trust architecture with Illumio and Appgate to protect interior (east-west) and perimeter (north-south) networks.


The Essential 9: Why Critical Infrastructure Companies in Australia Need Zero Trust Segmentation

Zero Trust Segmentation should be on Australia's list of essential cybersecurity strategies to protect critical infrastructure companies.

Solution Brief

Breach Risk Reduction With Zero Trust Segmentation

Illumio helps you build scalable Zero Trust Segmentation across your hybrid environment to limit the impact of a cyberattack.

Research Report

Forrester Report: Best Practices For Zero Trust Microsegmentation

Forrester provides best practices for deploying a successful Zero Trust microsegmentation project. 

Solution Brief

Illumio Managed Security Service Provider Program

With Illumio, MSSPs can offer scalable, granular segmentation to their customers that is purpose-built for Zero Trust security.


4 Steps to Zero Trust Segmentation

These 4 simple steps to Zero Trust Segmentation can help you capture quick wins, improve your security, and quickly build Zero Trust.

Solution Brief

Illumio for Supermarket Cybersecurity

Illumio helps supermarket operators contain ransomware and cyberattacks to keep their digital operations protected

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