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Achieve Consistent Visibility Across Your On-Premises and Cloud Environments With Illumio

Learn how to achieve consistent application-centric visibility across multi-clouds, with or without an agent.


Top Segmentation Attributes to Simplify Zero Trust

Segmentation is a foundational element of zero trust but must be simplified. View this infographic to see what’s needed in a segmentation solution to effectively support zero trust strategies and how organizations are benefitting from zero trust, based on research from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

Customer Story

Hartwig Gains Efficiency with Zero Trust Segmentation for Servers and Endpoints

Find out why the leading CNC machine tool distributor relies on Illumio to stop ransomware from spreading.

Research Report

Forrester Report: Mitigating Ransomware With Zero Trust

Read this report to get Forrester's recommendations on mitigating the threat of ransomware with a Zero Trust strategy.


6 Steps to Implementing a Zero Trust Model

Learn the six steps to achieving Zero Trust with an incremental, agile approach.


ESG on Zero Trust and Stopping Attackers Before They Impact the Business

John Grady, senior analyst at ESG, discusses how Zero Trust backed by segmentation significantly reduces cyber incidents.


ESG on Moving From an Open Network to a Highly Segmented Model

 John Grady, senior analyst at ESG, discusses the role of micro-segmentation in Zero Trust and its rate of adoption.


Validated Zero Trust 101 Guide

Learn what a "validated Zero Trust" state entails, and the technologies and practical steps needed to achieve it.

Research Report

Forrester Report: A Practical Guide To A Zero Trust Implementation

 Get Forrester's guide on how to build a roadmap for implementing Zero Trust.

Research Report

Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Network Security, 2021

This report highlights key technologies, such as identity-based segmentation, for evolving network security strategies.

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