Secure cloud workload migration with Illumio

Migrate to the cloud with confidence and speed with Zero Trust Segmentation

It’s essential to have consistent security across the data center and cloud

Consistent security across the data center and cloud is critical as workloads migrate to the cloud.

Traditional security approaches don’t work in the cloud

  • Risks go unnoticed without visibility

    Application dependencies can be an issue if there isn’t a clear picture of how storage, applications, servers, and databases work together.

  • Hybrid environments are increasingly complex

    It’s difficult to map a legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud, especially when blending public and private clouds in a hybrid cloud environment.

  • Misconfigured settings leave security gaps

    Cloud applications often come with built-in security settings that have the potential to get miscoded or misconfigured.

Illumio delivers consistent security  across your hybrid network to stop the spread of breaches

  • See cloud risks

    Eliminate security blind spots with a real-time view of traffic flows between the data center and cloud.

  • Keep security consistent

    Achieve end-to-end visibility and enforcement of all workloads, agnostic to the underlying network infrastructure.

  • Build cyber resilience

    Deploy one solution to enforce Zero Trust Segmentation across any data center and cloud.

Modern organizations quickly and securely migrate to the cloud with Illumio

“Illumio enables us to rapidly migrate virtual machines from data centers into our cloud environment while maintaining security controls based on least privilege.”
Mike Laak, Senior

Infrastructure Engineer,
West Bend Mutual Insurance

“We have partners inside our network, service providers that are in the cloud, and other networks connected to us. So, we need to think differently about controlling access to our data and our applications, how we reduce risk, and what technologies will help get us to a Zero Trust model.”
Andrew Dell


“We don’t have a ‘cloud first’ policy; we have a best-of-breed policy. We build data centers and own our infrastructure – we can rack and stack – but there was no advantage to us running it internally. Illumio’s cloud solution is maintained, it’s always on the latest version, it made far more sense.”
Karl Houseman

Stowe Australia

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