Secure IT/OT convergence with Zero Trust Segmentation

Illumio ensures operations continue in the face of attacks to IT and OT

Traditional OT security doesn’t meet the needs of IoT

  • Risk is impossible to quantify without visibility

    Without the ability to map communications between assets, it’s impossible to understand all the potential risks.

  • IoT adoption is outpacing security transformation

    Virtualizing services at the edge creates new security risks.

  • Vulnerabilities expose assets to attack

    When threat actors discover a vulnerability, OT equipment gets exposed to exploits that can stop operations.

Maintaining operations requires the right IoT cybersecurity

  • AI simplifies cyberattacks on IoT

    Evolving AI attacks will target IoT vulnerabilities to easily and quietly spread through a network and halt operations.

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    Government mandates require better cyber resilience

    New government directives focus on bolstering security for OT assets to protect the supply chain from potentially catastrophic threats.

  • Threat actors want to halt operations

    Legacy security tools don’t offer the visibility or flexibility to protect IT and OT environments, allowing attackers to disrupt operations.

Secure digital transformation in the OT environment with Illumio

  • Map IT and OT dependencies

    Simplify security policy design by understanding communication and traffic flows.

  • Only allow what is verified

    Prevent the spread of attacks like ransomware by stopping all traffic except what is required for operations. 

  • Reduce vulnerability risk

    If a vulnerability is discovered in an asset, communication can be restricted until a patch is applied.

  • Respond quicker with more agility 

    Adapt policy for each system based on context and status rather than static firewall rules. 

Modern organizations secure IT/OT convergence with Illumio

“Our cyber imperative is in making sure that our operational platforms are robust and available. Illumio is ensuring that a security breach doesn't undermine our ability to provide care for our customers.”
Jason Loveday

Information Security Manager
ACH Group

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