Respond and recover faster with Zero Trust Segmentation

Illumio makes responding to breaches and restoring environments quick and secure

Despite record security spending, organizations are still getting breached

Traditional security tools aren’t enough to secure against today’s fast, complex ransomware attacks and breaches.
  • $4.45

    The average cost of a breach in 2023, an all-time high

  • 277

    The average number of days it takes to uncover, identify, and contain a breach

  • $1

    Savings on breach remediation costs when Zero Trust security is deployed compared to no Zero Trust deployed

Shorter breach lifecycles mean lower breach costs

During an active breach, every minute is critical – there’s no time to wait when a breach is moving through the network. Organizations spend nearly 23% less when breaches are identified and contained in less than 200 days compared to when they take longer.

Illumio contains and isolates breaches, speeding up response and recovery efforts

  • A magnifying glass inspecting a locked web browser

    Assume breach and proactively prepare for attacks

    • See and understand your environment
    • Close high-risk ports and limit connections to the Internet  
    • Ringfence critical assets to enable quick isolation if needed 
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    Respond quickly to an active breach

    • Quarantine infected systems with ringfencing
    • Quickly implement rules to block known infection paths and stop breach spread  
    • Bring critical systems online even when an attacker is still active
  • Recover from attacks and prevent reinfection

    • Understand the origins of an incident using historical analysis 
    • Ensure compromised assets are completely isolated during recovery  
    • Protect high-value assets by blocking traffic where the breach moved 

Modern organizations quickly respond and recover from breaches with Illumio

“Illumio has already helped us to stop dozens of attacks from spreading mid-breach and has proven to be a valuable addition for our response teams. It gives us the visibility and ability to carve out clean environments, even in complex recovery projects with distributed networks, enabling our clients to get back to business faster and avoid costly business disruption from cyberattacks.”
Matt Baruch

Senior Director,

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