Bishop Fox Ransomware Scenario Emulation 2022: Assessment Report

Emulated attacks by Bishop Fox prove that Zero Trust Segmentation helps stop cyberattacks within 10 minutes.

As ransomware attacks reign supreme, security teams must implement modern approaches to protecting dynamic, hybrid IT environments. Ransomware will get in — but with technology like Zero Trust Segmentation, breaches don't equate to a cyber disaster for your organization. Just how effective is Zero Trust Segmentation in detecting and containing a ransomware attack?  

Red team specialists from Bishop Fox conducted emulated attacks to measure the effectiveness of Illumio Core against active ransomware threats, using common tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).  

This report details how Zero Trust Segmentation renders attackers ineffective in less than 10 minutes and complements endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions.

Download your copy to see how Zero Trust Segmentation can:

  • Effectively isolate compromised hosts during an active attack.
  • Proactively ring-fence entire environments and applications, drastically reducing the pathways available for exploit.
  • Cover EDR behavioral detection blind spots with context-rich traffic visibility.

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