Zero Trust Segmentation delivers cyber resilience

Illumio enhances cyber resilience through risk based visibility and Zero Trust Segmentation

Enhance visibility through Zero Trust Segmentation.

Cyber resilience is a top priority

The priority for all organizations is ensuring that they can continue to pursue their business mission, in the midst of a highly dynamic environment, and thus they should be resilient to the impact of any adverse events. Cyber resilience is specifically focused on ensuring that an organization has the capacity to be effective despite being the victim of a cyber incident.

Disruption is prevalent and costly

  • 50%

    More than 50% of organizations experienced a cybersecurity incident that significantly disrupted IT and business processes

  • $4.2

    Average cost of a data breach is $4.24 million

  • 2.7x

    Mature organizations were 2.7 times more likely than their counterparts to have highly effective attack response processes

Cyber resilience requires an assume breach mindset

The objective of cyber resilience is to maintain the entity's ability to deliver the intended outcome continuously at all times. This means doing so even when regular delivery mechanisms have failed, such as during a crisis or after a security breach.

Unlike cybersecurity, which is designed to protect systems, networks and data from cyber crimes, cyber resilience is designed to prevent systems and networks from being derailed in the event that security is compromised.

Cyber resilience helps businesses to recognize that attackers have the advantage of innovative tools, element of surprise, target and can be successful in their attempt — this is the definition of an "assume breach" mindset. This concept helps business to prepare, prevent, respond and successfully recover to the intended secure state.

Cybersecurity Resilience and the Assume Breach Mindset from Illumio

Why is Cyber Resilience essential?

  • Icons of varied people

    Maintaining customer, partner and shareholder trust

  • Illustration of U.S. currency

    Avoiding financial harm

  • Signal bars, the 3rd of which is highlighted in teal

    Increasing competitive advantage

Cyber resilience is specifically focused on ensuring that an organization has the capacity to be effective despite being the victim of a cyber incident.

Challenges to cyber resilience

  • Dissolving network perimeter

    The rapid adoption of cloud and distributed computing is making cybersecurity increasingly complex,

  • Expanding attack surface

    Hyper-connectivity is resulting in new vulnerabilities across systems and applications, creating all new security risks.

  • Increasing scalability challenges

    Failure to shift to a risk-based approach leads to security controls that can't rapidly adapt.

3 steps to better cyber resilience

For organizations focused on improving their cyber resilience, Illumio identifies where they are most exposed and, through zero trust segmentation, drastically reduces both their exposed attack surface and the ability of an attacker to spread.

  • A magnifying glass

    Anticipate risk exposure

    Gain a clear perspective on security risks across all assets, with policy controls that stop the spread of cyberthreats.

  • A laptop with a shield on it's screen

    Withstand daily attacks

    Understand dependencies between assets. Enhance cyber resilience for critical systems by adopting Zero Trust Segmentation.

  • An illustration of a gear

    Adapt in real time

    Scale visibility and security policy dynamically as your IT environment evolves, ensuring business agility and resilience.

This set of capabilities enables customers to manage their risk better and limit the impact a single incident can have on their ability to function, resulting in improved resilience.

The world’s largest organizations stop breaches from spreading with Illumio

Many organizations are finding that their cybersecurity strategies are failing to keep up with the rapidly growing scale and pace of global threats. Together with Illumio, we are helping our customers adopt Zero Trust solutions to address today’s complex cybersecurity challenges.
Michael Wolkowicz

VP of Cyber Security for the Americas,
BT Security

BT Security uses Illumio’s Zero Trust solutions.
Illumio is a strategic partner in our Zero Trust journey...Illumio Core will only further our ability to create and enforce modern security policy and transition parts of our business to the cloud with confidence and at hyper-scale.
Jessica Ferguson


Illumio customer and DocuSign CISO, Jessica Furguson
“Microsegmentation is a key control to protect company assets and limit the blast radius of a breach or ransomware attacks. We knew it would put the business in a much better place from a risk perspective.”
Ryan Dove

Assistant VP of IT, Security and Technology,
West Bend

West Bend uses Illumio’s microsegmentation solution to protect company assets.

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