Zero Trust Impact Report

Get the ESG research on how organizations are approaching Zero Trust and the proven benefits of Zero Trust Segmentation.

Cyberattacks have been rising steadily over the past two years as digital transformation has led to a more hybrid and hyperconnected world. The bottom line: Breaches are now inevitable — but cyber disasters don’t have to be.

New research from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) surveyed 1,000 IT and security professionals worldwide to discover that 9 in 10 organizations are focused on advancing Zero Trust to prevent breaches from being catastrophic.

The research finds that those prioritizing segmentation, a pillar of any Zero Trust strategy, achieve better business and security outcomes — from averting 5 cyber disasters annually to saving $20.1M from avoiding application downtime.

Read the Zero Trust Impact Report to learn:

  • How organizations are faring with their Zero Trust initiatives
  • Why segmentation proves critical to cyber resilience and Zero Trust success
  • More key quantifiable benefits of implementing Zero Trust Segmentation
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