Zero Trust Segmentation contains ransomware  

Illumio stops the spread of ransomware across your entire hybrid attack surface

Ransomware risk continues to rise

Ransomware-as-a-service is making it easier than ever for attackers. Traditional detection-only techniques aren’t enough – they take too long and don’t contain the attack at the source.
  • $265

    The total cost of ransomware attacks by 2031.

  • 277

    The average number of days it takes to uncover, identify, and contain a breach

  • $5.2

    The average total cost to recover from a ransomware attack.

Ransomware puts your reputation, operations, and bottom line at risk

  • Ransomware halts operations

    An attack can prevent your organization from delivering services.

  • IT and OT environments are prime targets

    Organizations are vulnerable to more targeted ransomware attacks on IT and OT environments.

  • Customer and shareholder trust is on the line

    Successful attacks can damage an organization's reputation, operations, and revenue.

With Illumio, the first infected device is the last

  • Identify ransomware risks

    Eliminate silos with complete visibility into security risks and dependencies, providing key intel to define the containment strategy.

  • Protect high-value assets 

    Contain ransomware at its point of entry — without complex detection methods or making changes to the network. 

  • Achieve cyber resilience

    Reduce the ransomware attack surface to protect operations, revenue, and reputation. 

Modern organizations stop the spread of ransomware with Illumio

“By using Illumio, we stopped the ransomware attack cold. We were able to immediately isolate all compromised servers.”
IT Executive

Global Lawfirm

“Law firms around the world are focused on stopping ransomware and securing customer data, and Illumio has been a strategic technology protecting our business in the cloud and the data center. It help us to assess and prioritize risks, build Zero Trust policies to secure our data, and better continuously protect our business.”
Executive Manager of Infrastructure and Cloud Services 

Major Insurer

“By blocking and eliminating server-to-server threats, Illumio will reduce our attack surfaced by at least 80%.”
François Lepage, Director of Cyber Security and Infrastructure 

The Master Group

Ready to build resilience against ransomware?