Illumio for small and midsize businesses

Application-level visibility in minutes. Automated policy management. Segmentation from a single console.

Proactively protect your business from ransomware

Organizations must stop breaches from spreading through the network even before they can be detected.

  • 69%

    69% of ransomware attacks impact companies with annual revenue of $100M or less.

  • 81%

    81% of successful ransomware operations come against companies with less than 1,000 employees.

  • 85%

    85% of small and midsize businesses that have had data and systems held hostage by a ransomware attack were forced to pay the ransom.

Simple application visibility and segmentation for servers and endpoints

  • Illustration of an eyeball

    Instant visibility

    See all real-time traffic flows in and out of your network and across all workloads and applications within it – down to the ports and processes being used.

  • A grid of interconnected squares, one set off to the side, highlighted, and with an exclamation mark

    Breach risk reduction

    Meet segmentation requirements and instantly reduce breach spread by cutting off all protocols used by ransomware to propagate.

  • An illustration of locked devices

    Endpoint segmentation

    Isolate cyberattacks to a single device to prevent breach spread and protect workloads that cannot have agents.

Easy-to-manage security that controls attack spread

  • Network visibility

    Discover your network assets and quickly query historical traffic flows to save time troubleshooting issues.

  • High-risk port blocking

    Immediately reduce the impact of a breach with a few clicks by stopping the spread of any active attack, including ransomware and zero-day exploits.

  • Software-based segmentation

    Save budget by working with the equipment you already have without touching your underlying network architecture.

  • Increase effectiveness of detection tools

    Segmentation provides your EDR/MDR solutions enough time to adapt to new attacks by preventing the attacker from spreading to other systems

  • Meet security control compliance

    Rapidly achieve segmentation controls for industry-leading security frameworks such as NIST CSF, CIS, and CMMC.

  • Secure endpoints by default

    Quickly block all but necessary communication to and from laptops, VDIs, and workstations within hours of implementation.

Small and midsize businesses around the world contain breaches with Illumio

Literally in a couple of drag-and-drop clicks, we were able to quarantine all the affected systems. We did it so quickly the attackers were locked out of the network before they knew what had happened.
IT Executive

Global Law Firm

With Illumio, we went from nothing to basically full enforcement across our entire server infrastructure in just three weeks.
Luke Bell

Network and Security Engineer,
St. Mary MacKillop College

With the Illumio platform, it is very straightforward to build, manage and automatically update host-based firewall rules across our data center.
Mullar Wan

General Manager of Information Technology,
Hongkong Electric