Zero Trust Segmentation secures cloud adoption

Illumio eliminates cloud blind spots and continuously reduces your exposure

Organizations are struggling to move securely to the cloud

Digital transformation is driving the rapid adoption of public cloud platforms and cloud-native services. Multi-cloud architectures are becoming increasingly common in a push to leverage best-of-breed services. All the while, mission critical data and computing services are being exposed to new cloud-based cyberthreats.

Cloud security is important

  • Ensure better resilience

  • Enhance customer trust

  • Accelerate cloud adoption

Security is the top cloud concern

  • #1

    Security is the number one concern organizations face with moving to cloud-native applications.

  • 88%

    88% of organizations run production applications on public cloud infrastructure or platform services.

  • 4.3x

    Organizations with mature Zero Trust Segmentation are 4.3 times more likely to report comprehensive visibility into traffic across environments.

In the cloud, visibility is more important than ever

The timeless adage of “you can’t secure what you can’t see” is more relevant to the cloud than possibly any other technology space. As organizations accelerate to adopt an increasingly wider range of services from cloud service providers, their ability to truly understand their interactions, what they are accessing, and how they are secured becomes the most significant and ever-growing gap that needs to be plugged.

Without consistent visibility, cloud consumers not only have little insight into how their services are communicating but also which of them are relevant — and without this understanding, securing services becomes a nearly impossible task.

Zero Trust Segmentation aligns with the needs of cloud security. Starting from the premise of “assume breach,” Zero Trust Segmentation puts a priority on gaining consistent, context-based visibility everywhere — all the time. Using that foundation of visibility, Zero Trust Segmentation provides an iterative process by which to constantly improve cloud security.

Challenges to cloud security

  • Cloud blind spots

    Poor visibility leaves security teams struggling to know in real time what is running in their clouds.

  • Application awareness

    Hybrid environments make it difficult to understand the communication behaviors among your applications, users, and computing resources.

  • Security gaps

    Lack of consistent, well-defined security policies lead to unnecessary network exposure for critical data and applications.

For organizations focused on eliminating cloud blind spots and adopting public cloud services with confidence, the Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation Platform leverages real-time insights to effectively reduce the risk of network exposure, automates security policy, and applies orchestrated, consistent security across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Better cloud security with Zero Trust Segmentation

  • Achieve complete visibility

    Eliminate security blind spots with a real-time view of your traffic flows across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

  • Understand all dependencies

    Maintain a clear view of interactions and gain a full understanding of how applications are communicating.

  • Apply security consistently

    Limit exposure and maintain least-privilege access across data centers and public clouds using Zero Trust Segmentation.

The world’s largest organizations stop breaches from spreading with Illumio

I’m excited about Illumio CloudSecure because it can help us to visualize risk in such a clear and informative way across Azure and AWS that was not otherwise possible. This unified view of security would further secure our data and move us closer to a Zero Trust posture.
Greg Leibel

Cloud and Security Architect,

Illumio CloudSecure will let us see risk across our cloud-native applications now in the same view as our overall IT environment, which will help us to assess and prioritize cloud risks, build Zero Trust policies to secure our data, and better continuously protect our business.
Head of Infrastructure

Global Law Firm

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