Zero Trust Segmentation protects your most critical data

Stop breaches from reaching high-value assets with Illumio

Threat actors are looking for your critical assets

Cyberattacks move through the network for one purpose: to find critical assets. By segmenting your most important resources, inevitable breaches can't access assets essential to operations.

Every asset needs security – especially when they’re essential to operations

Consistent security across all assets and environments is a must-have. But assets like legacy mainframes or proprietary hardware oftentimes can’t be modified, and traditional security tools can’t be deployed.
  • Maintain trust

    Your customer, partners, and shareholders want the peace of mind that their data and investments are secure.

  • Avoid financial harm

    The average cost of a data breach in 2023 is $4.45 million, a 15% increase over 3 years.

  • Increase competitive advantage

    With the right cybersecurity, your organization can continue operations despite a breach.

Illumio stops breaches from reaching what's most important

  • See what's accessing your most critical assets

    See risk between workloads and devices across the data center, cloud, and devices for consistent security.

  • Restrict access with least privilege policies to protect your most important apps

    Automatically set granular and flexible segmentation policies to control communication between workloads and devices, agnostic to the underlying network infrastructure.

  • Keep your most important functions running

    Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation separates critical assets to prevent breaches from spreading without slowing operations.

Modern organizations protect their high-value assets with Illumio

“Illumio has been a strong technology partner for us, helping to protect our most critical digital assets.”
Greg Leibel

Cloud and Security Architect

“Protecting customer data and our information assets is of the utmost importance to our business, and Illumio has played a critical role in allowing us to better understand our risk, control security policy, and secure our data.”

Leading Australian financial institution

“With Illumio, we had production assets enforced and under control in months, fulfilling our need to move faster and further our Zero Trust posture.”
Andrew Dell


Black and White Container Ship, Illumio’s Fast Rollout

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