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Visualize connectivity and contain attacks in the cloud with Zero Trust Segmentation.

  • Agentless – no software to install
  • Gather insights into cloud workload connectivity
  • Proactively apply segmentation controls
  • Adapt segmentation policies in dynamic environments

Protects your applications, data, and workloads across your hybrid and 
multi-cloud environments

Modern organizations stop the spread of breaches with Illumio

About the free trial:

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  • Connect your cloud accounts: The first step involves onboarding your cloud organizations and accounts to Illumio CloudSecure. This enables Illumio to map traffic flow telemetry and attach context-based labels, providing real-time insights into connectivity between cloud resources
  • Create policies: Evaluate communication patterns and implement segmentation policies at scale
  • Explore insights: Analyze and report exposure risks within hours, guiding proactive policy changes to mitigate breaches

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