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Dubai World Trade Centre | CyberKnight Booth – Cyber Valley, Hall 25, Booth D60
October 16-20, 2023

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A banner at a convention saying "The World has changed. Over the past two years 76% attacked by ransomware, 66% hit by software supply chain attack, 52% of attacks will create catastrophic breaches."

Welcome to the breach containment era

Stop the spread of ransomware with the leader in Zero Trust Segmentation.

Schedule time to talk with our experts and executives about how the Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation Platform can stop the spread of breaches and ransomware and improve your organization’s cyber resilience.

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Illumio ZTS provides a consistent approach to microsegmentation across the entire hybrid, multi-cloud attack surface.
Booth Presentations

Live demos

Stop by booth D50 to see the industry’s first platform for breach containment in action. Through live demos and scheduled presentations, learn how you can:

  • Contain ransomware to prevent cyber disasters
  • Improve cyber resilience
  • Protect resources across cloud, IT, and OT environments
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Black Hat Hazel Escape Happy Hour

Join Armis, Pentera, WIZ, Illumio and DNSFilter, some of the biggest names in cybersecurity, for an unforgettable evening of connections, cocktails, conversations and live music by electric cellist, Lindsey Springer.

Speaking Session

Transforming cyber-security to maintain supply in the IoT era

The transformation in the energy sector is driven by a global necessity to secure energy delivery systems and infrastructure. With the increasing reliance on energy, any failure can have a significant impact — criminal and nation-state actors could target the power supply of regions and countries. Energy providers are turning to Zero Trust Segmentation to maximize their cyber resilience and contain breaches to ensure continuous operations.

Sumita Gorla

Director, Systems Engineering
Speaking Session

Security at Business Speed: Securing Hybrid Multi-Cloud Networks

  1. Breaches are inevitable and existing Prevention and Detection mechanisms are not enough to protect businesses.
  2. Preventing unauthorized lateral movement is the key to containing breaches and reducing risk.
  3. Zero Trust Segmentation is key to protecting applications and services across a hybrid multi-cloud network

Faraz Aladin

Sr. Director, Technical Product Management
Speaking Session

Understanding & Combating Ransomware Capabilities

Ransomware is still the prime attacking technique of criminal gangs. Understanding how they operate and then using that knowledge to combat the effect is key to improving resilience. In this session we will look at:

  • The top ransomware techniques & vocabulary
  • How to build an attack
  • How to prevent the malware reaching critical resources
A professional photo of Trevor Dearing.

Trevor Dearing

Director, Critical Infrastructure Solutions
Businessmen gather in front of a 'Malwarebytes for Business' ad on a column in an event center.

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