Illumio Endpoint

Segmentation for end user devices

Endpoints often are the source of network breaches

Confidently segment every endpoint to make sure breaches don't become business disasters.

  • 74%

    74% of organizations expect EDR to block or detect all malicious activity, but the vast majority of organizations still get breached.

  • 46%

    46% of business leaders are most concerned with zero-day exploits despite having endpoint security solutions like EDR in place.

  • 88%

    88% of Zero Trust Segmentation pioneers have reported improved security team bandwidth and operational efficiency.

Extending Zero Trust to the endpoint

Visualize endpoint traffic anywhere

From home or the office, quickly assess and mitigate risk by seeing all network traffic.

Control application access

Don't expose endpoints to the data center — only allow defined users access to the right applications.

Secure endpoint exposure

Isolate cyberattacks to a single device — even before the attack is detected by other security tools.

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Illumio Endpoint features

  • A magnifying glass

    Endpoint traffic visibility

    Visualize endpoint traffic for quick and easy troubleshooting.

  • Deny by default

    Block all but necessary communication to and from laptops, VDIs and workstations.

  • An icon for a lock

    Limit zero-day risk

    Protect your environment without waiting for an attack to create a signature and be detected by your security tools.

  • A grid of solid-bordered squares except for the top left most, which is a dotted line in teal

    Zero touch to the network

    Use endpoint segmentation that is not tied to the network, unlike NAC or SD-WAN.

  • Two people seperated by a dotted line

    User-based access

    Roll out identity-based group policies to limit user application access by Active Directory group and device identity.

  • An illustration of a checklist inside of a web browser

    Dynamic policy enforcement

    Automatically change segmentation policies when the device is used outside of the corporate environment.

The world’s largest organizations stop breaches from spreading with Illumio

From a single management panel, Illumio has greatly aided us in averting cyber assaults, boosting risk knowledge, and simplifying security operations for apps in data center and cloud settings.
Assistant Director of Communications

Services Organization

With Illumio, we are doing Zero Trust very efficiently, effectively and inexpensively. And now that I have all the endpoints covered, I couldn’t be happier.
Tim Francis

IT Manager,

We were blown away by how easy it was to put Illumio into production. The console is incredibly intuitive and provides network visibility on the client systems we did not have previously.
Director of Information Technology

Financial Services Firm

See how Illumio Endpoint delivers ZTS on workstations, laptops, and VDIs

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