Simplified and Automated Workload Security

Today's application workloads are highly dynamic and distributed. As the attack surface expands, you need an automated approach to deliver security that continually updates as workloads move across on-prem data centers and multi-cloud environments. 

Illumio Core integrates with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls and Panorama to automate dynamic security changes for workloads inside of Palo Alto Networks Dynamic Address Group (DAG). 

With Palo Alto Networks and Illumio, today’s enterprises can implement a simple, highly effective, and automated security solution for comprehensive protection of workloads everywhere. This new integration helps enterprises to reduce time, human effort, and operational complexity to manage and maintain real-time workload security policies in Panorama and in Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls.

Illumio is proud to be a Palo Alto Networks NextWave Technology Partner.

For more information on Palo Alto Networks & Illumio Integration, read our Announcement Blog to learn more.


Palo Alto Networks + Illumio


Enable effective micro-segmentation
and Zero Trust to reduce attack surface
across East-West traffic.


Get visibility of all application
flows across Palo Alto Networks
firewalls and Illumio software agents.


Automate dynamic workload
security and streamline PAN-OS
policy changes.