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Best-in-class Zero Trust security for east-west and north-south traffic across interior and perimeter networks

Illumio Core and Appgate SDP are the best-of-breed solutions respectively for east-west Zero Trust segmentation and north-south Zero Trust network access. When co-deployed and integrated together, they immediately improve any organization's Zero Trust posture.


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Best-in-class security for both your interior and perimeter networks

East-west traffic access controls

Shrink the attack surface for data center networks. Create segmentation barriers to eliminate excess workload-to-workload interconnectivity.

North-south traffic access controls

Shrink the attack surface for perimeter networks. Create user-to-workload access controls that are cloaked, fine-grained and dynamic.

Dynamic workload awareness

By integrating Illumio Core with Appgate SDP, all user-to-workload entitlement policies will dynamically adapt to changes in the workload context.