Policy Compute Engine

The Policy Compute Engine (PCE), the "brain" of Illumio Core, creates an application dependency map and converts natural language policies into optimal stateful firewall rules for all workloads.

The PCE collects telemetry from every Virtual Enforcement Node (VEN) to build an application dependency map that shows how workloads are communicating with one another as well as the interdependencies between applications. Based on the observed traffic, the PCE suggests policies that describe how workloads and applications should communicate. The PCE takes these label-based, natural language policies and computes the corresponding optimal stateful firewall rules for every workload. These rules are sent to the VENs, the agents installed on the workloads, which in turn use those rules to program the host-based native stateful firewalls.

The PCE can be consumed as Illumio’s SaaS offering or deployed on-premises or in public or private clouds. For significantly large global deployments with more than 25,000 managed workloads, you can deploy PCE Supercluster, which provides multiple independent PCE failure domains and centralizes visibility and policy management.


Gain unprecedented visibility into how your applications are communicating

Visualize how workloads are communicating in real time based on the application that they are part of; the environment they run in; and the location where they run.

Avoid breaking applications: design, test, and enforce

Get a live map showing all your application dependencies and use the dependencies to create policies. Test these policies and visualize the potential impact before moving to enforcement.

Ensure policies adapt to your organization

The PCE gets real-time updates from the VENs, so when there is a change in policy or in IP address, application scale, or addition or removal of interfaces, the PCE will automatically recalculate and transmit the updated firewall rules to the impacted VENs. This ensures consistent security posture is enforced in the face of a dynamic environment.

Support it operations and security operations

Illumio Core's REST APIs and out-of-the-box integration with third-party security partners, including SIEM, vulnerability management, orchestration, and IT operations, ensures that operations teams are able to monitor, alert, and react to changes in their application environment in a way that fits in seamlessly with their organization’s processes and operating procedures.

January 2, 2020

"The most fascinating thing about Illumio is their simplicity with respect to policy creation. The UI shows a simplistic map view, which helps admin to create rules without in depth knowledge about the networking components."

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