There’s a New Way to Prevent the Spread of Breaches

Application Dependency Maps

  • See a real-time map showing how applications are communicating across all your data centers and cloud environments.
  • Understand application behavior and common service dependencies (e.g., Active Directory, Exchange, DNS).
  • Model security policy and receive real-time visual feedback to eliminate risk of breaking applications with new enforcement policies.

Vulnerability Maps

  • See a real-time map showing which applications are connecting to vulnerable ports.
  • Get an East-West exposure score that's calculated based on how many upstream workloads can potentially exploit the vulnerabilities on a given workload.
  • Understand the paths that bad actors can leverage within data center and cloud environments.


  • Get control of lateral (East-West) traffic by turning every host into a sensor that detects unauthorized traffic and an enforcement point that prevents the spread of breaches.
  • Know your optimal enforcement policies using Policy Generator, which recommends micro-segmentation policies based on vulnerability data paired with application traffic.
  • Securely connect within and between cloud environments and private data centers with the only policy-based IPsec encryption.
Solution Brief:

Solution Brief

Vulnerabilty Maps

451 Research Report

Research Report

451 Research Report