Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation December 8, 2020

What You Can Expect to Learn at Tech Field Day 22

Neil Patel,

When it comes to micro-segmentation, there are a lot of things that you may not know or just plain didn’t learn. With Tech Field Day 22 coming up on December 11, we thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about some of these often overlooked but important aspects to micro-segmentation. This year, we’re going to focus on three main topics:

  1. No admin left behind 
  2. Containers don’t live on an island 
  3. Everybody wants to play 

I know those topics may seem confusing at face value, but there’s some real importance for you and your business behind them. Let’s discuss the significance of each and what you can expect to learn on Tech Field Day 22 later this week.

No admin left behind

Micro-segmentation is used to lock down an environment so precisely that only necessary communication is permitted. However, that approach leaves application administrators a bit out in the cold when it comes to accessing their systems. Common tactics like poking holes in the firewall for specific systems, or maybe even jump boxes, all come with their own inherent risks and challenges. In our session, we will discuss how you can use a more precise form of control to grant access to administrators while still keeping your organization secure.

Containers don’t live on an island

When people think about containers, they usually think about them as a separate part of their network environment— a set of containers that serve an application. In reality, those containers are likely mixed together with other workloads. So, since containers don’t live on an island, when it comes to micro-segmentation you have to treat them just as you treat other workloads in your environment. You can’t expect to have differing levels of security just because they are containers. Our session will examine how you can take containers and seamlessly segment them with the rest of your environment.

Everybody wants to play

Remember the popular phrase used to teach elementary-aged children, “sharing is caring”? In the world of micro-segmentation, not only is that true, it’s necessary. Micro-segmentation is not an individual sport or something that can be taken on by a single group, it requires buy-in and support from many different parts of an organization. Our session will show you how it’s often in your best interest to include many individuals and departments in the micro-segmentation process to ensure corporate goals are met. In reality, it can be easy for everyone to participate in the process in a frictionless way!

We’re so looking forward to sharing more at Tech Field Day 22 later this week. Click here to access the live recording, which will begin on Friday, December 11 at 11:00AM PT/2:00PM ET.

We hope to see you there!

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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