PCI Compliance

Lower Your Audit Cost and Prevent Data Breaches


PCI DSS compliance is hard. If it was easy, PCI sustainability trends would be going up and reports of data breaches would be going down.

Relying on traditional segmentation methods like data center firewalls and VLANs to secure East-West traffic in complex, multi-cloud data centers and payment architectures present challenges like:

  • How to get your scope right and lower your assessment cost.
  • How to eliminate flat networks and misconfigured and out-of-date firewall rules.
  • How to quickly adapt the applicable firewall rules and keep up with IT Ops and DevOps – at scale and without breaking applications.
  • How to avoid the cost and complexity from using networking/SDN and data center firewalls.

Accurate scoping and segmentation are the critical first steps to lowering your audit burden and reducing your attack surface.

The Illumio Adaptive Security Platform® (ASP) delivers a host-based, infrastructure-agnostic solution for accurately scoping and segmenting your PCI environment’s East-West traffic while avoiding the cost and management complexity of networking/SDN and data center firewalls.



Reduce your PCI audit burden by eliminating scoping and segmentation errors

Poor visibility leads to scoping and segmentation errors, which in turn lead to higher PCI compliance and assessment costs. Illumio ASP's real-time application dependency map enables you to identify the PCI system components, detect for the changes in connections, and then quickly update the applicable firewall rules.

Eliminate flat networks while avoiding the cost and complexity of data center firewalls

If you don’t have real-time visibility into the changes in your application dependencies and connections, you worry that changing firewall rules could break applications. You end up with flat networks and misconfigured and obsolete firewall rules.

You shouldn’t have to re-architect your networking environment and deploy more data center firewalls to enable fine-grained segmentation of your East-West PCI traffic.

Illumio ASP decouples security from networking, enabling you to create more granular segmentation perimeters with confidence. You can also bake segmentation into your IT Ops and DevOps processes – at scale.  

Enhance the capabilities of your vulnerability management program

Relying on CVSS scores alone to prioritize patching isn’t the most optimal use of your resources. Illumio ASP enhances the capabilities of your vulnerability management program by overlaying your third-party vulnerability scan data on top of the real-time application dependency map to calculate exploitability and show an attacker’s potential attack pathways. You can use process-based segmentation as a compensating control, and reduce exploitable workloads without breaking critical applications.

five-stars (21)August 23, 2019

"We had a compliance need which required us to enable firewalls on approximately 500 internal systems within a 3-month period. Without the ability to map and visualize traffic ahead of setting up firewall policies for these systems, we would not have been able to achieve the goal within the timeline."

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