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July 24, 2015

Illumio Named Cloud Disruptor of the Year

Senior Editor

Alana is Illumio's resident word nerd and comma cowgirl. She also manages the Illumio blog.

Business Intelligence Group just named its 2015 Stratus Awards for Cloud Computing, and guess who made the list? Illumio was named Cloud Disruptor of the Year in the startup category. The crowd-sourced awards recognize "companies, executives, and services whose innovative approaches are helping to accelerate the development and adoption of the cloud in the consumer and business markets."

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July 22, 2015

Character Revealed: How Illumio Supports Its Customers

Senior Knowledge Manager

Jeff is Illumio’s knowledge management expert. He’s responsible for building Illumio’s knowledge centered support content and infrastructure.

As exciting as it is to be part of a true Silicon Valley start-up, with the palpable excitement and enthusiasm for what we’re doing filling the Illumio halls, it’s not always fun and games. Producing a new way of securing the cloud, creating a revolutionary method of visualizing your network security, and designing and building a new approach for “securing the 80% of your data center and cloud your perimeter missed” is actually very hard work—who knew?

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July 21, 2015

Security Policy Debt Is Leaving You Vulnerable

Chief Commercial Officer

Alan is a technology veteran known for company building. He leads Illumio’s go-to-market strategy and customer engagement life cycle.
There is a well-understood concept in our industry (coined by Ward Cunningham) called technology debt. Said simply, it is the idea that technology is placed into the market in an incomplete—albeit functional—state and engineering development teams will, over time, get around to correcting the issues through software or firmware updates before the product becomes instable or unusable. It’s not unlike finance: as long as debt can be serviced (interest paid), the enterprise remains solvent.
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Adaptive Security, Data Center Operations

July 16, 2015

Illumio Takes a Unique Approach to Adaptive Security

Articles curated by the Illumio team

Earlier this year, I wrote a post discussing why security needs to be adaptive. The high-profile breaches of big-name firms like Target and Bank of America, not to mention the Office of Personnel Management, have acted as a wake-up call to businesses. No matter how much money and how many people are thrown at securing the perimeter, it will not stop 100% of malicious traffic from penetrating the enterprise.

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Adaptive Security, Data Center Operations

July 15, 2015

On D3, React, and a little bit of Flux

Member of Technical Staff

Shirley Wu is part of the team responsible for developing Illumio’s Illumination capabilities. She codes too much and doesn’t draw enough.

When I first started exploring D3 and React together, I realized I wanted to attempt it differently from the other approaches I had read about. I had just read through the React tutorials and had started on an article (Nicolas Hery’s Integrating D3.js visualizations in a React app) when inspiration struck. I had also heard murmurs that wrapping D3 charts in React made transitions hard, and I knew I had to at least give solving it a try. When I mentioned this to Elijah, he encouraged (demanded?) me to write it down in a blog post.

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