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October 5, 2015

AWS RE:INVENT 2015, The Cloud-crowd’s Event of the Year

Technical Evangelist

Jimmy Ray couldn't make a living playing video games and catching fish so he became an engineer. As Illumio's technical evangelist, he keeps it real and ensures you always get the most up-to-date, spin-proof good word on technology.

This is my first time at AWS re:Invent. Unlike the “super conferences” of the past, like SuperComm or N+I, where all vendors gathered to talk about all things, conferences today have started reflecting what is becoming standard in IT these days—specialization. AWS re:Invent is sold out and has been for quite some time. It makes sense when you consider that AWS adoption by enterprises is 57 percent, while Azure IaaS is second at 12 percent, which is up from 6 percent in 2014.

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October 2, 2015

Cyber Insecurity: Can We Take Up Arms Against a Sea of Troubles?

Chief Commercial Officer

Alan is a technology veteran known for company building. He leads Illumio’s go-to-market strategy and customer engagement life cycle.

Insecurity of any time stems from a common psychological cause -- fear.  Fear is generally a reaction to something immediate that threatens your security or safety, triggering a sense of dread, alerting you to the possibility that your physical self might be harmed, which in turn motivates you to protect yourself.

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September 30, 2015

Quantum Foam and the New Fabric of Security

CTO and Founder

PJ is a technologist and architect focused on complex distributed system solutions. He’s responsible for Illumio’s technology vision and platform architecture.

It’s clear that data centers are becoming more dynamic and distributed. This trend is accelerating as businesses try to be more agile, and as DevOps teams shape a whole new way of developing and deploying applications. One of the trends I have been watching closely, which plays into this data center agility, is containers technology. There is a lot of this technology out there and it come in various forms (LXC, Docker, Rocket, Hyper-V containers, etc.), and there are lots of challenges deploying containers, connecting them,[1][2] securing them, and segmenting them.

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Adaptive Security

September 28, 2015

Compliance Through a Different Lens

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Dana is a veteran product marketer in the field of network and data center security. He’s focused on helping companies understand Illumio’s products and solutions.

While the impacts of recent cyberattacks, high-profile data leaks, and compromised personally identifiable information (PII) are still being understood, credit card data breaches continue to plague enterprises. Unfortunately, 2014 was a watershed year for credit card theft as hundreds of millions of cards were stolen in a variety of attacks against organizations that took (or processed) payments from their customers. For many enterprises, these breaches occurred despite the fact these organizations took steps to protect this crucial data.

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September 25, 2015

Read Club: Books at the Intersection of DevOps and Security

Senior Editor

Alana is Illumio's resident word nerd and comma cowgirl. She also manages the Illumio blog.

For the inaugural installment of the Illumio Read Club, I sat down with Eric Schroeder, a member of our DevOps team, to see what he’s reading now, and why it matters to you. Here are the titles he offered.

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