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July 8, 2016

The 451 Group Research: Illumio Aiming High – Securing the inside of data centers and clouds

Senior Editor

Alana is Illumio's resident word nerd and comma cowgirl. She also manages the Illumio blog.

The 451 Group reviews the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP), providing an overview of how customers can use Illumio to establish highly controllable borders around high-value applications and data—without dependency on the network infrastructure.

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June 29, 2016

What Happens If the New Stack Is Not a Stack at All?

Chief Commercial Officer

Alan is a technology veteran known for company building. He leads Illumio’s go-to-market strategy and customer engagement life cycle.

Today I published an article on The New Stack titled, "What Happens if the New Stack Is Not a Stack at All?" In it, I outline how the structure of the IT industry will no longer look like the classic “stack” of the past few decades, which suggests the driving forces of change.

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Adaptive Security

June 28, 2016

Visualization 2.0 at Nutanix .NEXT

Sr. Director of Business Development

Bryan has one foot in the technical world and one foot in the business world. He’s responsible for Illumio’s business development strategy and execution.

Last week, #TeamIllumio participated in the Nutanix .NEXT conference. We had a chance to talk about the unprecedented visibility enterprises can achieve when using Illumio ASP to secure their invisible infrastructure.

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June 17, 2016

Hollywood vs. Illumination: CopyCat Edition

Vice President of Product Management

Matthew is a 20-year industry veteran with experience in five successful start-ups. He is responsible for Illumio’s product lines and product strategy.

Every summer, Hollywood releases derivative or copycat films. Consider that when Christopher Nolan (director of Batman Begins, Inception, and others) wrote and directed The Prestige, another studio found out about the project and immediately kicked off The Illusionist. For every Babe there is a Gordy. Imitation is often the best form of flattery, but all too frequently the copy does not equal the original—it is just a movie studio making up for a deficiency in its lineup or trying to make some money.

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June 8, 2016

DevOps and Security: A Modern-Day romance?

The Tailgating Security Podcast

Illumio's Alan S. Cohen and Matthew Glenn riff on adaptive security, industry trends, and life itself.

On the latest Tailgating Security, Alan Cohen talks to Alfred Garcia, Illumio's head of DevOps, Alfred Garcia, about what it means to be a software company that delivers a DevOps product to solve a security issue using DevOps methods— and, of course, what superhero DevOps would be.

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