The Illumio Experience

Take Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation for a test drive. Learn how to see risks and contain breaches.

Test Drive: Illumio Core

Learn the basics of the Zero Trust Segmentation journey and how you can increase your cyber resilience rapidly with Illumio Core through a hands-on lab led by Illumio experts.




There are currently no live sessions for this test drive. Please see on-demand sessions.

Complete the workshop at your own pace, following recorded step-by-step instructions. In this session, you will learn how to:

  • See all traffic flows between workloads: Gain a complete, detailed view of traffic flows and get actionable insights to define policy.
  • Quickly segment environments: Use the insights provided by Illumio’s application dependency map to apply some basic environmental segmentation.
  • Ring-fence applications: Gain quick ROI and progress towards true Zero Trust Segmentation by applying logical ring fences around high-value assets.

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