Zero Trust Segmentation from Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)

Expand your services business with Zero Trust Segmentation that fits seamlessly into your security operations center (SOC)

Expand your MSSP business with Illumio

Unlock immediate value and accelerate your MSSP business

  • Deploy Zero Trust controls in hours

    Protect your customers from all types of cyberattacks in record time.

  • Manage customer tenants with ease

    Create, delete, or edit accounts directly in the Illumio UI.

  • Gain rapid ROI with flexible plans

    Access tailored service offerings, including monthly billing.

Stop breaches from spreading with Illumio

Illumio brings the absolute best solution purpose-built for MSSPs. Whether we are deploying it during an active incident or proactively to minimize the impact of future incidents, the result is the same — near effortless, automated Zero Trust Segmentation and visibility across all endpoints. This enables our response teams to focus on what is most important in these circumstances: stopping attackers and protecting clients.
Steven Legg

Co-Founder and CEO,
Antigen Security

Clients recommend Illumio for MSSPs

Deliver critical protection with Zero Trust Segmentation

While breaches are inevitable, cyber disasters are not. Customers rely on you to recommend the best security strategies to keep their digital infrastructures up and running. By adding Illumio to your MSSP business offering, you can provide a proven solution to stop breaches from spreading and drive Zero Trust protection across clouds, data centers, and endpoints.

  • Protect critical assets

    Protect critical assets

    Protect the most important data and applications with the leader in Zero Trust Segmentation.

  • Prevent lateral movement

    Prevent lateral movement

    Prevent ransomware and other attacks from spreading between devices and across the network.

  • Gain continuous visibility

    Gain continuous visibility

    Understand traffic and identify risk across distributed environments and stream that telemetry into your SOC.

  • Integrate with existing workflows

    Integrate with existing workflows

    Get a centralized view of all communications data in an environment and feed the data into external sources.

  • Easily deploy into DFIR engagements

    Easily deploy into DFIR engagements

    Contain an active breach and complete restoration faster by incorporating Illumio into your Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) service.

  • Control network traffic anywhere

    Control network traffic anywhere

    Manage network traffic for domain and non-domain joined devices without the need to touch network infrastructure.

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