Illumio CloudSecure

Agentless segmentation for cloud-native workloads

Embrace the cloud, not the blind spots

While hybrid and multi-cloud allow you to expand service delivery models and operational advancements, it doesn't have to expand your attack surface.

  • 88%

    88% of organizations run production applications/workloads on public cloud infrastructure and/or platform services.

  • TOP

    Of the top 15 biggest challenges organizations say they face (or expect to face with cloud-native applications), security is the number one concern.

  • 4.3x

    Zero Trust Segmentation pioneers were 4.3 times more likely to report comprehensive visibility into traffic across their environment.

Visibility and agentless controls across hybrid and multi-cloud

Collect application insights

Easily connect AWS and Azure accounts. Collect and consolidate object metadata and real-time traffic telemetry.

Connect AWS and Azure accounts
Traffic data informs secure network access rules.

Optimize security posture

Real-time traffic data guides creation and implementation of well-designed access rules that protect critical parts of your network from cloud-based security threats.

Assess network risk

A comprehensive application dependency map of workloads and connected objects makes it simple to uncover security exposure.

Mapping workloads and objects reveals security risks easily

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Illumio CloudSecure features

  • Cloud-native visibility

    Gain visibility into the traffic flows of your cloud-native applications with real-time telemetry and data using agentless controls.

  • Traffic flow insights

    Understand application communications, security policy, usage, access and security exposure with a comprehensive map of traffic flows.

  • Comprehensive monitoring

    Eliminate cloud blind spots. Gain a holistic view into traffic flows across managed and unmanaged workloads.

  • Simplified labeling

    Unify ​differing cloud tagging schemas into a common label strategy to better protect workloads.

  • Hybrid workload control

    Safely program dynamic cloud workload policies for hybrid networks using cloud-native controls to segment workloads.

  • Intelligent security guidance

    Apply automated policy recommendations to refine security groups in the public cloud. Reduce your network's attack surface.

See how Illumio CloudSecure delivers insights into what's happening within your hybrid and multi-cloud environments

The world’s largest organizations stop breaches from spreading with Illumio

Illumio CloudSecure will provide visibility and control over our cloud-native applications, so we can understand and respond to risk across clouds and on-premises environments together, to enhance resiliency, maintain compliance, and ultimately protect our business and our customers.
Leading Australian financial institution
Illumio CloudSecure will let us see risk across our cloud-native applications now in the same view as our overall IT environment, which will help us to assess and prioritize cloud risks, build Zero Trust policies to secure our data, and better continuously protect our business.
Global Law Firm
I’m excited about Illumio CloudSecure because it can help us to visualize risk in such a clear and informative way across Azure and AWS that was not otherwise possible. This unified view of security would further secure our data and move us closer to a Zero Trust posture.
Greg Leibel

Cloud and Security Architect,

Embrace the cloud with confidence

CloudSecure makes it easy to see and manage your risk with simplified cloud-native security.