Illumio Core

Segmentation for on-premises and cloud data center workloads

Segment in minutes on your path to Zero Trust

An assume breach mindset is imperative as the attack surface expands. Build a Zero Trust model and contain breaches with segmentation.

  • 251K

    $251,000 average hourly cost of downtime.

  • 76%

    76% of organizations experienced a ransomware attack in the last two years.

  • 10

    10 minutes to stop an attack with Illumio versus 2.5 hours without segmentation.

3 easy steps to stop the spread of breaches

See any workload

Traffic is visible across all workloads such as containers, IT/OT, and virtual machines — within a single console. 

Visible traffic across all agent and agentless workload
Prevent lateral movement and stop the spread of breaches

Segment at any scale

Contain the spread of breaches by preventing lateral movement — regardless of architecture, size, or complexity.

Protect in minutes

An intuitive user interface provides a guided experience to track progress on ransomware resilience and easily deploy policy in minutes. 

Block unnecessary connections automatically

Ready to see Illumio Core in action?

Illumio Core features

  • Traffic visibility

    Application dependency map, traffic flow telemetry and historical records provide actionable insights for allowing or denying traffic. Reduce risk and simplify compliance.

  • Rapid response

    Reduce the impact of a breach and stop the spread of ransomware. Enforce specific policies in minutes to keep data safe.

  • Intelligent policy creation

    Illumio Core easily discovers and identifies key services, then recommends labels and Zero Trust Segmentation policies to protect them.

  • Identify vulnerable services

    Overlay data from vulnerability scanning tools with the Illumio dependency map to see where applications have unknown connections and are vulnerable.

  • Scalable segmentation

    Illumio Core is built to scale — deploy across environments from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of workloads.

  • User-friendly dashboards

    Reports give visibility into current ransomware risk and show measurable risk reduction with an auto-calculated protection score.

See how Illumio Core delivers ZTS that works in any data center or cloud environment

The world’s largest organizations stop breaches from spreading with Illumio

With Illumio, we went from nothing to basically full enforcement across our entire server infrastructure in just three weeks.
Luke Bell

Network and Security Engineer,
St. Mary MacKillop College

Illumio stood out from the crowd with its speed and ease. We were able to get it up and running within less than a half an hour. Instantly, we could see our traffic and set up policies to protect our network.
David Hanna

IT Operations Specialist,
Hi-Temp Insulation

I sleep better at night knowing that Illumio closes the doors on potential attacks against our domain controllers. The demonstrable risk to the environment is noticeably lessened.
Joel Duisman

Principal IT Security Architect,

Illumio Core enables us to roll out firewall changes much faster than before. Previously, it would be days or weeks. Now it’s minutes or hours.
Nick Venn

Global Collaboration and Cyber Infrastructure Manager,