Illumio for Microsoft Azure Firewall

Simplify Azure Firewall management with enhanced visibility and Zero Trust security policies

Static firewall policies are not fit for the cloud

The static nature of firewall policies poses significant security and business challenges for protecting Azure resources.
  • Lack of context

    Without context, understanding how cloud resources communicate and what connections are valid is difficult.

  • No elasticity

    If the right security policy isn't available for new cloud workloads, you run the risk of breaking applications.

  • Blind spots

    Without a view of how applications interact or are secured, you are left unaware of exposure to risks.

Supercharge and simplify Azure Firewall management with Illumio

  • Illustration of an eyeball

    Easily see traffic and define policy

    See and understand traffic flows based on metadata (labels and tags) and use those insights to build Zero Trust policies.

  • An illustration of a lock imposed upon a cloud

    Scale security with cloud adoption

    Policy automatically adapts to changes in your Azure deployment, ensuring consistent and correct security.

  • A laptop displaying interconnected fields of data

    Centralize control across hybrid IT

    Unified policy and visibility connecting east-west and perimeter controls ensures holistic protection across environments.

See Illumio for Azure Firewall in action

Illumio for Azure Firewall features

  • Context-based firewall policy

    Define Azure Firewall policy using Azure tags — security rules benefit from the same context as the resources they are protecting, significantly simplifying policy authoring.

  • Enhanced visibility

    Combine real-time connection data from Azure Firewall and NSGs with resource tags to build an application dependency map to better understand interactions between resources.

  • Security rule simulation

    Visualize the effect of new rules ”pre-install” by virtually applying them to existing flows to ensure that changes will not break critical connectivity or allow unnecessary access.

  • Automated provisioning

    Integrate policy authoring, visibility, and rule simulation capabilities into existing automation and orchestration workflows to ”shift left” security.

Illumio for Azure Firewall is fully supported and available in Azure Marketplace