Secure Beyond Breach

Building a Defense-in-Depth Cybersecurity Strategy Through Security Segmentation

We all know securing the perimeter is no longer enough. The focus has shifted to ensuring your missions continue if and when you're breached – and that’s what security segmentation is all about.

Based on real-world scenarios and written by industry experts who have been in the trenches, this book is a practical guide that details how to implement a successful security segmentation strategy from start to finish. It's an essential read for all cybersecurity professionals, from security architects to IT infrastructure teams to CISOs.Here's what it will teach you:

  • Who should be involved in security segmentation and key steps to prepare your organization for success
  • How to ensure high-quality metadata from the start
  • How to begin the process of implementation
  • Why you need a map of your applications (and who will use it)
  • Best practices for making policy decisions
  • Essential considerations for public cloud and containers
  • How to sustain your security segmentation project over time

Secure Beyond Breach

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