Simplify & Automate Workload Security with Illumio and Palo Alto Networks

With Palo Alto Networks and Illumio, today’s enterprises can implement a simple, highly effective, and automated security solution for comprehensive protection of workloads everywhere. 

The joint solution helps organizations securely enable data center and hybrid cloud transformation while taking advantage of the best of both worlds – Palo Alto Networks market-leading next-generation firewalls together with Illumio Core (previously known as Illumio ASP) – for robust network and host-based segmentation to satisfy dynamic security requirements for micro-segmentation and Zero Trust.

Watch this webinar to learn how to reduce time, human effort, and operational complexity to manage and maintain real-time workload security policies in Panorama and Palo Alto Networks NGFWs (PA-7000, PA-5200, PA-3200, VM Series) across on-prem data centers and multi-cloud environments. 

Webinar highlights:

  • Key challenges and customer requirements to secure today's workloads
  • An overview of the Illumio and Palo Alto Network's solution, integration use cases, and integrated architectures for effective micro-segmentation and Zero Trust
  • Live demonstration and best practices to reduce complexity and help you better operationalize dynamic security policies for workloads in Panorama and in Palo Alto Networks NGFWs