Securing Application Migration

Get Live Visibility and Ensure Security Moves
With Your Applications

Migrating on-premise applications to a new data center or cloud can be a daunting task. An organization needs to secure both on-premise and cloud workloads without creating two disjointed security architectures. It also needs to protect connections and flows across these environments and ensure that the cloud migration does not expand its attack surface.

Illumio Core™ prevents the spread of breaches with real-time application dependency mapping and security segmentation. Enterprises use Illumio to protect critical applications by disrupting the lateral movement of bad actors across any data center or cloud.


Gain real-time visibility into application dependencies

Illumio’s application dependency map, Illumination, visualizes connections and flows across workloads in real time to baseline an application’s behavior before migration.

  • Create a live application dependency map for cloud migration.
  • Model and test impact of segmentation policies before and after migration.
  • Maintain visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Avoid re-architecting network infrastructure for application migration

Use native enforcement points in your on-premises data center and cloud infrastructures to deliver security segmentation without re-architecting your networking/SDN infrastructure.

  • Avoid increased spending on data center firewalls, SDN, and networking.
  • Program each host’s Layer 3/Layer 4 firewalls and ACLs for switches, cloud security groups, containers, and load balancers.
  • Secure data in motion across on-premises and public clouds with SecureConnect.

Ensure security policies follow the workloads

By decoupling security policies from the underlying network infrastructure, the policies are in a position to follow the workloads as they move or are provisioned across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

  • Centralize policy definition and management across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • Integrate with orchestration tools to bake in security and compliance policies.
  • Automatically adjust each relevant host’s firewall rules for compliance to policies.
  • Securely autoscale applications.
September 6, 2019

"Illumio made it possible for us to move workloads from on-prem to the Azure cloud and then to the AWS cloud easily and not compromise any of the security for our Windows workloads."

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