Federal Government & Public Sector

Operationalize Zero Trust, Secure Your HVAs,
and Build a Cyber-Resilient Infrastructure

CISOs and CIOs are implementing federal mandates and security standards like FISMA, DHS CDM, and NIST CSF to enhance the cyber-resiliency and integrity of the federal infrastructure to protect high value assets (HVAs) from the proliferation of malicious East-West traffic. They're also adopting Zero Trust to operationalize these objectives.

Illumio Core enables you to develop and deploy an agile Zero Trust architecture at scale by delivering real-time application dependency mapping, proactively reducing your attack vector with host-based segmentation, continuously monitoring workload connections, and quickly adapting segmentation controls in response to these changes.


Meet federal certification and reporting requirements

Illumio is the first enterprise segmentation vendor that is certified against the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria Protection Profile for Enterprise Security Management, Policy Management v2.1.

Illumio certifications include:


Illumio is available on the following federal contracts:

  • DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Approved Products List
  • GSA Schedule 70 (April 2020)

Effectively execute federal mandates and cybersecurity standards

Illumio enables you to effectively execute federal cybersecurity mandates and standards like OMB M-17-09, FISMA, DHS CDM (Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation), NIST CSF (Cybersecurity Framework), and SANS CIS Top 20 Controls. Identify, maintain an accurate inventory of, and continuously monitor connections to your HVAs, then apply host-based segmentation to proactively reduce the attack surface.

Accelerate time-to-value of your Zero Trust initiatives 

A real-time application dependency map enables you to identify and design more fine-grained perimeters and recommends default-deny policies to verify everything that tries to connect to your systems and applications. The map proactively enforces Zero Trust.

Rich APIs and connectors for third-party IT Operations, DevOps, and Security Ops tools ensure that Zero Trust policies are baked into IT change management, CI/CD, SDLC, security incident, and vulnerability management processes.

Enable continuous monitoring and agile segmentation infrastructure

Illumio Core moves security closer to the host, eliminating the need to keep track of networking constructs like IP addresses, VLANs, and subnets. You're also able to quickly detect changes in IP addresses and new IP connections, and then model and enforce new firewall rules.

Achieve cost-effective and scalable segmentation

Illumio Core programs each host’s native stateful firewall. This means that you do not need to buy additional networking equipment and firewalls, nor do you have to deal with the risk and cost of re-architecting your network. Since Illumio is infrastructure agnostic, you get global visibility and policy management and can operationalize your scalable Zero Trust architecture across your data center and multi-cloud environments.

September 13, 2019

"Illumio has proven to be an invaluable tool in monitoring and identifying traffic flows within our network. The interface is clean and mostly easy to use (and constantly being improved and fine tuned)."

– Security Infrastructure Analyst, Government

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