Financial Institutions

Secure Your Crown Jewel Applications and
Achieve Compliance

Financial institutions face a mix of risk, compliance, and IT operational challenges and cyber threats. To get a handle on these pressures, organizations are using risk frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK and the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF). Furthermore, they are adopting Zero Trust or least-privilege security strategies to protect high-value systems such as SWIFT, payments infrastructure, and cardholder data environments; stop the lateral movement of bad actors; and keep up with compliance and cybersecurity regimes.

Illumio Core prevents the spread of breaches with real-time application dependency mapping and security segmentation. Financial institutions use Illumio to protect critical applications by disrupting the lateral movement of bad actors across any data center or cloud.


Achieve compliance and reduce risk

Use real-time application dependency mapping and apply environmental segmentation to comply with regulations like Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and isolate protected systems such as SWIFT and payments infrastructure. This enables you to: 

  • Validate the scope of covered systems.
  • Create rules to detect anomalous behavior and connection attempts.
  • Avoid breaking applications via policy modeling and targeted monitoring with live visual feedback and SOC alerts.
  • Conduct centralized queries and reports on blocked connection attempts and policy deviations for compliance audits and security investigations.

Improve vulnerability and patch management

Overlay third-party vulnerability scan data with an application dependency map to identify an attacker’s potential lateral attack pathways, allowing you to:

  • Prioritize patching strategy.
  • Use segmentation as a compensating control.
  • Avoid breaking applications by applying the right level of segmentation (from environmental to micro-segmentation).

Secure heterogeneous compute environments

Deliver a single control plane for architecting and operationalizing security across microperimeters.

  • Create security segmentation policies across bare-metal, virtual machines, clouds, containers, load balancers, and switches.
  • Program the custom level of segmentation granularity—from environmental separation (coarse-grained) to process-level control (fine-grained).

Activate enforcement points you already have

Avoid cost and complexity that stems from re-architecting your networking backbone and introducing more networking/software-defined networking and data center firewall resources. 

Deploy a Zero Trust security strategy

Enable segmentation with orchestration and analytics to protect financial systems from lateral movement attacks.

  • Gain live visibility into connections and flows across financial applications.
  • Understand the attack surface with the combination of application dependency maps and vulnerability maps.
  • Create security segmentation policies that follow the workload.
  • Continuously detect for changes, unauthorized connection attempts, and policy deviations.
  • Integrate with third-party SIEM and orchestration tools.
September 18, 2018

"Illumio simplified the management of firewall rules. The monitor mode provides an excellent way to determine what traffic is on your network."

– Security & Risk Analyst, Finance

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