Micro-Segmentation: Achieve Zero Trust Security

Micro-Segmentation Prevents Lateral Movement and Reduces Your Attack Surface With More Granular Control

Gone are the days when a hard security perimeter was enough to protect critical assets and applications. A modern compute estate can span one or multiple data centers and public clouds, from hosted environments to partner networks. This inevitably broadens your attack surface and leaves ample opportunity for breaches, making prevention extremely difficult, if not impossible. Containment is paramount.

Micro-segmentation plays a key role in achieving Zero Trust security. Micro-segmentation has emerged as one of the best techniques to protect organizations against breaches by restricting attacker lateral movement and reducing your attack surface.

Illumio Core offers a network agnostic host-based solution to deploy micro-segmentation at scale with ease and high efficacy. Illumio Edge extends segmentation to endpoints for a true end-to-end segmentation deployment.

Micro-Segmentation Benefits

Gain real-time visibility into application behavior and connections

Application layer visibility is the key to any micro-segmentation deployment. Illumio's application dependency map, Illumination, gives you real-time visibility of applications, workloads, and flows to understand risk and build more effective micro-segmentation policies.

Improve breach containment

Prevent unauthorized lateral movement and reduce your blast radius. Creating micro-perimeters around specific assets breaks up your attack surface and gives you granular control needed to contain breaches.

Secure critical applications and assets with confidence

Control sensitive East-West communications between applications or application tiers running on bare-metal, hypervisors, or containerized workloads across private data centers, public clouds, and hybrid clouds. Illumio allows you to test policies first to ensure enforcing segmentation won't break applications.

Streamline policy management

Decouple segmentation from the underlying network to define policies based on the language that IT uses. Illumio's human-readable labels make policy creation much simpler and faster than traditional network segmentation approaches like VLANs, IP addresses, and port numbers.

Bolster your regulatory compliance posture

Meet compliance requirements, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOX, without re-architecting your network. Easily segment and isolate protected systems, and encrypt communications within and across applications.

Reduce the risk of software vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities are a fact of life but patching them is not always possible. Illumio combines third-party vulnerability scan data with the application dependency map to help identify an attacker's potential pathways. Use micro-segmentation as a compensating control to restrict communications to and from those vulnerabilities.

August 8, 2019

When we saw how much setting up traditional firewalls between all of our applications/servers, we went down the rabbit hole and discovered micro-segmentation and evaluated various vendors. Illumio was by far the best choice for us, hands down.

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Make the attacker's job up to 22x more difficult

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