Secure Your Applications in OpenStack as
Fast as You Deploy Them

Security in an OpenStack environment needs to be agile and abstracted from the network infrastructure to truly realize the advantages of the private cloud. Traditional mechanisms involving firewalls and complicated rules are not the norm in these deployments because deployment speed is of the essence. Further, security needs to be consistent across private clouds, legacy data center assets, and any potential footprint in public clouds.

Illumio Core™ completely decouples security from the underlying network infrastructure. You can simply integrate Illumio Core and allow the cloud to provide connectivity and forwarding fabric. This enables you to secure applications running in your OpenStack environment as well as within and across private data centers, public cloud, bare-metal, and virtual machines.


Gain visibility into application dependencies

Illumio Core's application dependency map, Illumination, gives you live visibility of applications, workloads, and flows to help understand application behaviors within OpenStack and across legacy data centers.

Ensure security moves with your applications—at the speed of your business

Illumio Core secures applications with segmentation that adjusts to changes as workloads spin up and spin down—as applications move and scale, so does security.

Protect hybrid infrastructure with consistent security

Illumio Core simplifies security for hybrid cloud deployments with applications divided between public and OpenStack by maintaining consistent policies across all computing environments.

Encrypt data in motion

Illumio Core enables you to secure traffic between workloads within and across OpenStack and private data centers with one-click IPsec encryption.

August 23, 2019

"One of the biggest benefits we have seen is the ability to easily visualise data flows and dependencies between services. This has allows us to improve solutions and tighten security without impacting service."

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