Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation June 7, 2021

How QBE Reduces Complexity and Risk Globally with Illumio

Sarah Squires,

As one of the world’s largest global insurers, QBE’s Information Security Team is tasked with protecting large amounts of customer data by managing access and reducing the risk of ransomware attacks. But their move to hybrid, multi-cloud data centers and an increasingly complex application environment required them to think differently about how to protect their organization and customers.

Upon accepting the CISO role, Andrew Dell immediately focused the team's efforts on a Zero Trust strategy and began reevaluating the company’s micro-segmentation strategy. Previously, they had relied on physical firewalls and virtual firewall appliances for segmentation, but the rulesets associated with these products became almost unmanageable for the team.

Andrew and team began the search for a “simple solution to complex problems” and knew Illumio Core would provide the perfect foundation for Zero Trust security. QBE is now able to:

  • Stop the lateral movement of ransomware and/or attackers
  • Minimize the impact of any attacks,
  • and Respond to those attacks quicker and recover faster.

Plus, they were pleased with how fast they were able to get up and running with Illumio Core.

“For an organization of our size and scale and complexity, traditionally rolling out an equivalent solution was a multi-year proposition. But with Illumio, we had production assets enforced and under control in months, fulfilling our need to move faster and further our Zero Trust posture.” -Andrew Dell, CISO

To learn more about how QBE reduced complexity and risk globally with Illumio, check out the full case study and video.

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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