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How Brooks Uses Illumio to Stop Ransomware from Running Rampant

See why Brooks chose Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation to ensure reliability for their retail and ecommerce businesses.

Telhio Drives Growth and Builds Cyber Resilience With Illumio

Who likes mergers and acquisitions? Not cybersecurity professionals. For them, these deals add complexity almost overnight: new networks, new applications, and new requirements for security training.

How Illumio Lowers ACH Group’s Cyber Risk — With Nearly Zero Overhead

"Good lives for older people" is the tagline of ACH Group, a nonprofit organization based in Australia. But if ACH's IT systems get taken down by cybercriminals, its ability to support those they serve could be harmed.

How Hi-Temp Insulation Launched Illumio's Micro-Segmentation in Just 30 Minutes

Here’s how Hi-Temp Insulation of Camarillo, CA launched Illumio's Micro-Segmentation solution in just 30 minutes.

How West Bend Mutual Insurance Overcame Cloud Migration Challenges With Illumio

SaaS hosted, supportive of multiple operating systems, and less complex than similar solutions, here’s how Illumio is West Bend’s cybersecurity silver lining.

How QBE Reduces Complexity and Risk Globally with Illumio

Learn how QBE implemented segmentation on their path to Zero Trust.

How HGC Protects Global Network with Zero Trust Microsegmentation

HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC) is a Hong Kong-based leader in the telecommunications industry, offering security consulting services.

How Cathay Pacific Fast-Tracked Segmentation and Compliance Success with Illumio

Tune into this video with Kerry Peirse on how Cathay Pacific implemented micro-segmentation in less than 3 months. Stop lateral movement, meet compliance demands.

How ServiceNow Segments Across Azure and AWS With Illumio

Learn more about how ServiceNow got up and running with micro-segmentation in this blog post.

Security in the Sky: How Airlines Approach Security During Turbulent Times

How Ixom Got Instant Visibility and Control in 2 Days With Illumio

Hear from the Ixom team that had to quickly secure critical systems for the chemical industry leader in Australia and New Zealand – and how they succeeded with visibility and segmentation from Illumio.

Cybersecurity: 3 Steps for Biotech And Pharma Industries

The biotech and pharma industries have historically spent less on cybersecurity measures than other industries. Here’s why that’s a mistake.

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