Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation November 26, 2019

A Community for Innovation: Illumio Labs

Rupesh Mishra,

Much work goes into protecting our environments – and despite this we often cannot secure everything we need to without additional insights or technical acumen to extend the capabilities of our technologies or teams.

We hear this frequently in conversations with networking and security teams, so we decided to do something about it by launching Illumio Labs.

Illumio Labs is our new, ongoing initiative to develop and share innovative ideas and projects to help organizations bolster their segmentation and better secure their public cloud environments against data center attacks.

Initial Labs research has already yielded four complementary AWS and Azure security prototypes, all available on Github. We support each prototype with step-by-step instructions and video guidance available on our Labs blog. This is the latest in our work with AWS and Azure, with whom we’ve closely partnered since our launch in 2014.    

But we do want to make clear a very important point: Illumio Labs prototypes are not formal product releases, thus are not covered by Illumio support.

Here is a bit more about our four initial Labs projects: 

Dynamically Mitigating Potential Attacks on Crown Jewel Apps in AWS
This project enables quicker mitigation of potential attacks in AWS hosted applications. AWS Security Hub now features high-fidelity Illumio findings like blocked traffic events, VEN tampering events and rich context, and offers the ability to quarantine potentially compromised workloads in a single click. 

Extending AWS GuardDuty to Shield Cloud Deployment from Attacks
Illumio and AWS GuardDuty now work together to dynamically shield AWS against attacks. GuardDuty, AWS’ cloud threat detection service, and Illumio work together to dynamically protect externally facing AWS resources from malicious connections.

See It to Protect It: Agentless Azure Workload Visibility
We integrate with Azure Network Security Group (NSG) for complete hybrid and cloud environment visibility to better protect Azure by visualizing new flows, even from unmanaged workloads. 

Demystify AWS EC2 Security by Visualizing Connectivity and Security Policy
This integration allows for teams to have up-to-the minute visibility into all AWS EC2 instances that are running. This tool automates the process of detecting all new VPC flow logs with a CloudWatch alert and Lambda trigger to visualize all cloud workloads.

We invite security and network operations teams to use these prototypes and share feedback in seeking better cloud security outcomes. Join our public Slack channel at

Illumio Labs will release new proofs of concept regularly, so please sign up at to get all future updates.

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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