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Illumio Expands in Latin America to Build Cyber Resilience

As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, organizations around the world are recognizing the need for modern cybersecurity solutions. In this pursuit, Illumio is expanding its operations into the Latin American region.  

Illumio aims to strengthen cyber resilience in Latin America, address the region’s unique cybersecurity challenges, and stop the spread of ransomware or other potentially catastrophic breaches.

Strengthening cyber resilience in Latin America

Illumio's expansion into Latin America is fueled by the region's growing economic prominence and global interconnectivity which has resulted in increasing vulnerability to cyber threats.  

Though Latin American networks are still small compared to other regions, the interconnected nature of Latin American economies – with each other and the world – means that even a single security event can negatively impact the entire region:

  • The average cost of a security breach in Latin America in 2022 is estimated at 2.5 million USD.
  • Latin American organizations recorded the world’s highest cyberattack rates in the first half of 2020.
  • Brazilian organizations, in particular, are the most popular victims of cyberattacks in the region while making up the majority of the region’s GDP.
  • Economic damages from cyberattacks can exceed 1 percent of some countries’ GDP and rise to 6 percent if critical infrastructure gets attacked.

And as the least prepared region for cyberattacks, according to the Global Cybersecurity Index, recent breaches have caused a disproportionate impact:

  • Infamous hacker group Conti ransomed Costa Rica’s Finance Ministry in April 2022, stealing hundreds of thousands of citizens’ sensitive information and halting critical systems
  • REvil ransomware gang breached Argentina’s largest internal services provider in 2020, making 18,000 computers and critical databases inaccessible while demanding a $7.5 million ransom payment
  • Ransomware attacks have impacted government services across Ecuador, Chile, and Colombia in recent years, halting essential services and leaking information

Why Latin American organizations need breach containment with ZTS

Traditional prevention and detection tools are no longer enough to stop breaches and ransomware. Breaches are inevitable, and Latin American organizations are a particular target of threat actors.  

To prepare for breaches when they do happen, Latin American organizations are looking for breach containment technologies like Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS).

ZTS is based on the Zero Trust principle of “never trust, always verify” to contain and minimize the impact of breaches and ransomware. Unlike prevention and detection technologies, ZTS contains the spread of breaches across the hybrid attack surface and is a foundational and strategic pillar of any Zero Trust architecture.

Learn more about Zero Trust Segmentation.

Illumio ZTS: The industry’s first breach containment platform

With the Illumio ZTS Platform, organizations can:

  • See risk: Continually visualize how workloads and devices are communicating
  • Set policy: Create granular policies that only allow wanted and necessary communication
  • Stop the spread: Automatically isolate breaches by restricting lateral movement proactively or during an active attack
The Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation Platform

Illumio ZTS has also been proven to deliver several business benefits including reduced risk, decreased costs, and accelerated innovation.

According to Forrester, the Illumio ZTS Platform delivers:

  • 111% return on investment over three years
  • $3.8 million in savings due to fewer outages and downtime
  • 90% decrease in operational effort by InfoSec teams
  • 66% reduction in the impact, or blast radius, of a breach
  • $3 million in tool consolidation and reduced firewall costs  

Some of the world's leading organizations already rely on Illumio, including 6 of the 10 largest global banks. These companies are using Illumio to reduce risk, strengthen compliance, and support transformation.

Read stories from Illumio customers.

“Since implementing Illumio, we’ve taken 5,000 exploitable vulnerabilities down to 9 across seven high-value applications and hundreds of workloads. Illumio has proven to be invaluable to our risk mitigation strategy.” – Executive Manager of Infrastructure and Cloud Services at a global insurance company

“Illumio made it remarkably easy for us to design, build and operationalize a Zero Trust architecture with massive scale.” – Edwin Leong, Data Security Architect, MGM China

“We are confident that our applications are protected with the right level of segmentation - with no disruptions during enforcement.” – YC Chan, Head of Infrastructure and Operations, Cathay Pacific

“Illumio gives our security team the opportunity to say ‘yes’ more often to the organization.” – Brian Chess, Senior VP of Cloud Operations, Oracle NetSuite

Ready to learn more about Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation? Contact us today for a consultation and demo.

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