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Illumio: The Choice for Organizations Wanting Predictable Micro-Segmentation at Scale

Today, it's official.

Illumio has been named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave: Microsegmentation, Q1 2022.

We believe this new report from Forrester confirms what our rapidly growing list of customers already know: Illumio's easy-to-use, highly scalable, and highly effective microsegmentation technology answers the need for any organization seeking to stop the spread of breaches and ransomware.

As organizations turn to a Zero Trust strategy to defend against today's growing cyber threats, microsegmentation is essential for safeguarding organizations.

The Forrester New Wave report is validation of a rapidly growing market, as businesses and governments look for better security approaches against increasingly potent ransomware and other digital attacks.

"Implicit trust on the network must end," Forrester writes, "and microsegmentation is the key."

Setting the standard for microsegmentation

Forrester scored Illumio as "differentiated" in half the categories, including policy management, policy enforcement, interface/reporting, product vision, and product and service support.

According to Forrester, "Illumio's policy management, policy enforcement, and interface set the standard for microsegmentation."

Forrester also reported that customers praise our approach to labeling, ability to troubleshoot connectivity issues, and robust role-based access control (RBAC) policies.

Forrester adds that Illumio "is the choice for organizations wanting predictable microsegmentation at scale...(it) enforces a disciplined approach to Zero Trust security that many large organizations sorely need."

Forrester previously named Illumio a leader in The Forrester Wave: Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q3 2020. We believe The Forrester New Wave for Microsegmentation further validates our leadership in microsegmentation purpose-built to support Zero Trust security.

Delivering predictable microsegmentation at any scale

We believe the scalability of our microsegmentation technology help us stand out in the marketplace.

As Forrester noted in its report, "Many of Illumio's customers have the largest microsegmentation deployments."

The complexity of today's hybrid, multi-cloud and on-premises environments makes it difficult for organizations to get microsegmentation up and running. Illumio solves that problem by providing an efficient and dependable way to deploy granular, host-based security policies without disrupting vital applications or access to information.

Illumio enforces detailed microsegmentation in simple to complex environments by being intuitive and fast to deploy. Many of Illumio's customers can gain meaningful insights and enforce policies within 30 minutes.

"Illumio makes policies easier to comprehend," one customer told Forrester.

The combined innovations of the Illumio product suite help our customers succeed with something that has traditionally been very difficult to implement and manage. With Illumio, microsegmentation is achievable for organizations from start-ups to the world's largest enterprises and government agencies.

Visibility and control for Zero Trust security 

Illumio excels at providing organizations unprecedented visibility into application communications. This is where great microsegmentation begins.

Illumio's best-in-class vulnerability maps offer crystal-clear, "aha! insights" into the real-time traffic flows of applications, systems and their workloads. With Illumio, you can instantly know what is talking to what. Illumio's overlay of connectivity and vulnerabilities helps organizations understand where they're most at risk.

Illumio not only helps you see your security risks but also leads the industry in how organizations can build, test and implement structured policy controls to greatly reduce those dangers.

"No other vendor obsesses about enforcing explicit network policy like Illumio," Forrester writes in its report.

With Illumio's policy enforcement, you can easily shut down pathways to ransomware while ensuring critical applications remain available and connected to the resources they need.

And unlike the brittle agents from other vendors, Illumio's agents are "fail-safe, fail-secure," meaning that applications remain available and access rules continue to be enforced even if an agent goes offline.

With Illumio's comprehensive visibility and scalable access controls, security and IT teams can drastically reduce the spread of breaches moving laterally across clouds, data centers and endpoints.

A Leader in microsegmentation 

Illumio is what modern microsegmentation should look like.

It's the most effective segmentation technology for safeguarding your organization from today's cyber threats.

As organizations increasingly turn to the Zero Trust security model, mainstream adoption of microsegmentation is surging, and Illumio is swiftly capturing that market demand.

We believe the findings from the Forrester New Wave report confirm that Illumio is the only proven segmentation technology built to:

  • Dramatically reduce cyber risks without limiting business operations
  • Isolate and limit the spread of breaches, both proactively and reactively
  • Protect workloads for hybrid clouds, multi-cloud, data centers and endpoints

Illumio's predictable microsegmentation allows organizations to enhance their Cyber Resilience, which directly improves their business resilience — the definition of great security.

Learn more about how Illumio sets the standard for predictable microsegmentation at any scale. Download The Forrester New Wave for Microsegmentation report today.

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