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The Top 3 Reasons We’re Excited for Money 20/20 USA

Illumio is gearing up for Money 20/20 USA, and we couldn't be more excited!

Money 20/20 is the epitome of fintech innovation. The conference is considered the biggest, most influential gathering of the global money ecosystem and focuses on what’s next across the world of money. We’ll be joined by industry thought leaders, experts, and vendors for all things related to banks, payments, tech, startups, retail, fintech, financial services, policy, and more.

Here are the 3 things we’re looking forward to at Money 20/20.  

1. Meeting you at booth 1010

Illumio will be in Las Vegas for Money 20/20 on October 22-25 at The Venetian Resort.  

Stop by booth 1010 to get:

  • Live demos of the Illumio platform
  • Advice and insight our financial services cybersecurity experts
  • Giveaways!

Want to schedule a one-on-one meeting with an Illumio expert? Email [email protected] today.

2. Showing Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation in action

Money 20/20 gives you an opportunity to learn about Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) when you visit our booth.  

While we’re at the event, we’ll provide demos of the Illumio platform. See how you can get complete visibility of the hybrid attack surface, contain ransomware to prevent cyber disasters, and improve your cyber resilience.

Learn more about Zero Trust Segmentation before you head to the conference.

3. Evangelizing about breach containment

Banks and financial services organizations (BFSI) are both essential and closely interdependent on the economies they do business in, both locally and around the world. This makes them a prime target for cyberattacks.  

In fact, financial services was the top industry targeted by cybercriminals for five consecutive years between 2016-2020.  

BFSI organizations are under pressure to lower the impact of breaches when they inevitably happen. During a breach, they must ensure they can:

  • Continue operations  
  • Safeguard customer information
  • Maintain compliance  
  • Protect customer and shareholder trust

Breaches are inevitable — BFSI organizations must implement breach containment to stop the spread of breaches when they happen.  

Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation helps banks prevent cyberattacks from causing major business failures by stopping ransomware and breaches from spreading to critical systems and data.  

Learn the three ways Zero Trust Segmentation makes banks and financial organizations better at protecting themselves from cyber threats:

4 helpful resources for Money 20/20

  • Once you’ve registered, download the Money20/20 Connect app to access a purpose-built AI matchmaking tool for the conference. Use the app to match and message with decision- makers, book and accept meeting requests, and build your personal agenda.  
  • Take a look of the Money 20/20 Agenda At-A-Glance schedule for info on all the content, networking, and meetups happening at the conference. Use this to plan your days and make the most of your time.  
  • Sign up to attend Money Row for productive, fun networking before and after the main conference hours. Network with fintech’s top business leaders and vendors at The Venetian Resort’s most popular restaurants alongside special guest speakers, music, food, and drinks.  
  • Know what to do around town while you’re in Las Vegas with Money 20/20’s recommendations for top restaurants and attractions in the area.

Money 20/20 serves as a showcase for the latest fintech innovations, from blockchain and digital currencies to AI-driven financial solutions and Zero Trust security technologies like Illumio. These innovations don't just shape the future of finance; they also present fresh challenges and cybersecurity considerations.  

We're excited to explore how cybersecurity is evolving in the banking and financial services sector at Money 20/20. See you there!

Get more information on Illumio at Money 20/20.

Want to learn more about Illumio before heading to Las Vegas? Contact us today for a free consultation and demo.  

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