Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation September 17, 2020

Illumio Core is Now Fully Qualified for the Oracle Exadata Ecosystem Running on Oracle Linux

Sam Rastogi,

Applications and data are the lifeblood for today’s organizations and are now increasingly distributed, which helps to drive business outcomes and greater IT efficiency to empower the business to move faster. However, data and applications are also a key target for hackers who are exploiting an influx of vulnerabilities that can result in increasing risk from security breaches, business disruptions, and data loss.

Micro-segmentation helps enterprises mitigate this risk by reducing the attack surface across East-West traffic and preventing threats and attackers from gaining unauthorized access to business-critical data, such as customer records, intellectual property, credit card data, or patient health information (PHI). But traditional approaches to micro-segmentation that rely on the network firewalls are complex to deploy and manage, and are fundamentally inadequate at preventing lateral movement and the spread of breaches across data centers and clouds.

Illumio Core (formerly known as Illumio Adaptive Security Platform) offers a simpler approach that eliminates infrastructure restrictions while providing comprehensive visibility, optimal segmentation policy recommendations, and automation required to maintain the speed and scale.

Oracle Exadata provides the high-performance, highly available infrastructure that the world’s largest organizations rely on to house and protect those valuable assets. Oracle Exadata is optimized for Oracle Database and offers increased performance, efficiency, and management capabilities everywhere your Oracle workloads go.

That’s why Oracle and Illumio partnered to help Oracle Exadata customers gain complete visibility and control across bare metal, virtual machines, and cloud environments in order to stop lateral movement and prevent the spread of breaches.

Illumio + Oracle Exadata: Tried and Tested

Illumio Core brings a Zero Trust approach to data management on Exadata by providing an innovative solution to stop attackers by minimizing their access to critical systems. This helps Oracle Exadata customers significantly reduce the risk of a breach without impacting the world-class performance they expect from Oracle Exadata hardware and ExaCS.

Illumio and Oracle worked together to fully test and qualify Illumio Core’s efficient and scalable agent, the Virtual Enforcement Node (VEN), on the comprehensive Exadata ecosystem – resulting in minimal performance and functional impact for today’s most demanding and mission critical database optimized environments.

The results of this rigorous testing found that the VEN agent is extremely lightweight when running on the Exadata platform:

  • CPU utilization for the VEN agent with traffic running is less than 5% of a single CPU thread
  • No observable difference in processor utilization when running the VEN agent across VEN modes (suspended, idle, test, enforced) on Exadata hardware

With Illumio Core, Oracle Exadata customers can implement a simple, highly scalable, and comprehensive security solution for robust protection of Oracle workloads. Together they help enterprises securely enable business transformation and satisfy their stringent security requirements for compliance, micro-segmentation, and Zero Trust.

Illumio is proud to be an Oracle Gold Partner.

Illumio Core has attained Oracle Exastack Ready status for:


For more information, visit our Oracle Partner Page to learn more about the Oracle and Illumio Core Qualification.

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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