Global Talent Agency Secures Cloud Migration with Illumio

Illumio Core™ protects applications in any cloud using a centralized policy model.


Industry: Entertainment

Environment: Multiple cloud deployments from acquisitions and an exhausted central data center

Challenge: Hybrid cloud deployment to avoid vendor lock-in, with centralized protection and no impact on speed or performance

Solution: Illumio Core™ provided visibility and more granular security in every environment with centralized policy

Results: Transformation across heterogeneous systems and business units with positive results for all internal and external stakeholders

Customer Overview & Challenge

Facing ballooning costs and systems from acquisitions coupled with a central data center that was already out of space, one of the world’s largest talent agencies adopted a hybrid cloud strategy.

One key success factor to the project was a multi-cloud model to avoid vendor lock-in with one large incumbent. But maintaining several different and incompatible security solutions for each cloud and the data center wasn’t operationally viable. Pressure was on to prevent security complexity from hindering business performance. The agency had to seamlessly support high-profile clients; outages and downtime – planned or unplanned – were unacceptable.

The board-level decision for multi-cloud adoption required deployment, but the final solution had to be effective enough to defuse objections among a multiplicity of motivated stakeholders.

Illumio Solution

Security engineers looked to a best-of-breed solution from Illumio to transform their cloud security, both to embrace the cutting edge and avoid any risk to their systems or careers.

Teams were immediately impressed with the visibility gained across hybrid environments using Illumio Core's (formerly ASP) real-time application dependency map, Illumination, along with its ability to enforce policy anywhere. Illumio Core's simple policy model created tighter control than they could have achieved with Security Groups or ACLs.

After testing workloads and enforcement across all cloud platforms, the agency’s application teams validated that it was transparent for their business. Final rollout went smoothly, chalking up a win for the security team and satisfying the system administrators who praised the agent as “ignorable.”

Rather than a blocker to the business, security became a simple enabler of transformation, accepting new systems into any cloud.

Customer Benefits

Be a security superhero

The security team delivered results seamlessly across environments and business units with no impact on speed or performance.

Drive safety transformation

With best-of-breed protection, the agency transformed with greater agility and more granular security than network-based solutions would have provided.

Deploy and operate with ease

The deployment beat expectations for performance and productivity with superior simplicity and ease of use in designing and maintaining security policy.