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Use this documentation to further understand—and explain—Illumio.

About Illumio

A brief explanation of why we created Illumio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Illumio ASP, its core components, and key services.

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Blog Post: Why We Need a Data Center and Cloud Security Revolution

Illumio's CTO, PJ Kirner, explores the key concepts for a new approach to security.

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Blog Post: Illumination 2.0: Next-Level Visualization and Policy Creation

Introducing new breakthroughs in visualization, application dependency mapping, and micro-segmentation policy creation.

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Datasheet: Adaptive Security Platform® (ASP)

Learn more about Illumio ASP, its micro-segmentation services, and its benefits.

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Media Kit

All of the media resources on this page are available in a single kit.