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Intelligent CISO

Experts React to Leicester City Council Cyberattack

Illumio's Trevor Dearing explains the implications of the attack on Leicester City Council.

Security Boulevard

Confidence in the Cloud Starts With Visibility and Zero-Trust

Illumio's Raghu Nandakumara explains how organizations can improve cloud security by adopting a Zero Trust security strategy.

Washington Technology

How to Maximize the Impact of Zero Trust's Next Phase

Illumio's Federal CTO, Gary Barlet, explains the importance of Zero Trust for federal agencies.

SC Media

Five Ways to Implement Zero Trust Based on NSA’s Latest Guidance

Founder of Zero Trust, and Illumio's Chief Evangelist, John Kindervag, provides his recommendations on how to implement Zero Trust effectively following the NSA's latest guidelines.


UK Government Releases Cloud SCADA Security Guidance

Illumio's Trevor Dearing explains why it's good the NCSC has recognised the risk of connecting SCADA systems to the cloud and shares his thoughts on best practice for security.

Business Reporter

The Evolution of Cloud Security

Illumio's Trevor Dearing explains why organisations need to shift to dynamic security approaches in the cloud, such as Zero Trust Segmentation

Dark Reading

NSA's Zero-Trust Guidelines Focus on Segmentation

John Kindervag shares his thoughts with Dark Reading on the NSA's new guidelines for Zero Trust security

Intelligent CISO

How Can CISOs Ensure Their Cyber Spending Really Counts?

Paul Dant, Senior Director of Cybersecurity Strategy & Research at Illumio explains how organizations can get the best ROI from their cybersecurity investments

Network Computing

Organizations Left Grappling for Solutions Amid Alarming Cloud Security Gaps

Illumio's Raghu Nandakumara explains the latest threats in the cloud and why adopting a Zero Trust framework is critical for building cyber resilience.


Bringing Resilience to the Cloud With Zero Trust

Illumio's John Kindervag explains why traditional cloud security measures are failing and how organizations can build resilience.

Help Net Security

Why Zero Trust Segmentation is Critical for Cloud Resilience

In this Help Net Security video, John Kindervag, Zero Trust creator and Chief Evangelist at Illumio, discusses how organizations need modern security approaches that offer them real-time visibility and containment by default to mitigate risk and optimize opportunities afforded by the cloud.


Why it’s Time to Take Control of Cybersecurity in the Cloud

Illumio's Raghu Nandakumara explains how the pace of cloud migration is exposing organizations to cloud blind spots and what businesses must do to build cyber resilience.