Illumio Evolves Micro-Segmentation by Enabling Self-Service Functionality for Application Teams

New App Owner View feature empowers each application owner to implement their own segmentation security policies, as organizations strive to achieve Zero Trust

Sunnyvale, CA — May 12, 2020 — Illumio, the leader in segmentation for workload security, today announced the availability of App Owner View (AOV), a new feature that allows organizations to scale segmentation initiatives by empowering application owners to create software-defined perimeters around individual application instances. Illumio, a pioneer in the host-based security segmentation industry, is the first to bring this feature to market, enabling organizations to fast track their path to Zero Trust.

When IT organizations apply micro-segmentation for the first time, they typically begin this process in a limited capacity in order to meet compliance goals. However, as they scale, business leaders must delegate parts of these efforts to application teams, instead of placing the burden entirely on network and security teams.

AOV lets Illumio’s Policy Compute Engine (PCE) administrators assign granular permissions to app owners, allowing them to see only their apps and author their respective policies. This enables security teams to enforce strong access management parameters for what app owners can read, write, and monitor. This granular approach to access offers application owners control only where it is needed, meeting the principle of least privilege.

“By developing a feature that will make micro-segmentation easier for organizations, Illumio is providing companies with the tools necessary to achieve Zero Trust – but do so in a way that is operationally cost effective,” said Matt Glenn, VP of Product Management. “To successfully segment your most critical assets, organizations need to understand how their applications work. App Owner View helps companies do it right by enabling cross-team collaboration, so the right people in your organization are better equipped to reach your segmentation goals.”

This new feature increases visibility for app owners into everything related to their application and nothing more. Now, app owners will be able to see live traffic into and from their applications so they can easily build and test application-specific policies. By involving the app owners and network teams directly in segmentation processes, customers increase the security posture of every data center and cloud within their network.

“Setting security policy is a team sport, with responsibility spread across security, network, application, DevOps, and line of business teams,” said John Grady, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Illumio’s App Owner View feature addresses this by allowing application owners to view and set segmentation policies for their applications, creating more transparency across all policy stakeholders while ensuring a least privilege approach. Illumio’s support of application owners can help streamline segmentation processes, resulting in more effective security, especially for large organizations.”

AOV is part of Illumio’s larger 20.1 release, which includes several additional enhancements to the PCE and Virtual Enforcement Node (VEN). More specifically, 20.1 features the added ability to filter and aggregate broadcast and multicast traffic in the application dependency map, as well as the ability to search instantly to quickly find any object in the PCE. With this release, Illumio’s PCE owners now have enhanced roles to restrict reads and writes by scope for policy authorizing.

“ServiceNow is committed to embracing cutting edge security solutions to protect our corporate resources, and micro-segmentation is no exception," said Joel Duisman, principal security architect at ServiceNow. "Illumio has been an exceptional partner in our efforts to protect the network around our critical corporate assets. Illumio’s latest release provides an efficient tool for planning and implementing micro-segmentation changes.”

To learn more about App Owner View, read the latest in Illumio’s blog.

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