Illumio and Wiz Join Forces to Reduce Cloud Risk and Automate and Enhance Vulnerability Management in the Cloud

Integration combines Wiz Cloud Security and Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation to strengthen cyber resilience

Sunnyvale, California – May 1, 2024Illumio, Inc., the Zero Trust Segmentation company, today announces its partnership with leading cloud security provider Wiz and joins Wiz Integrations (WIN) Platform. Illumio enhances WIN by bringing the power of Illumio’s Zero Trust Segmentation platform to the partner ecosystem, so that customers can seamlessly integrate Wiz into their existing Illumio workflows.  

WIN enables Wiz and Illumio to share prioritized security findings with context including inventory, vulnerabilities, issues, and configuration findings. Customers receive the following benefits:  

  • Enhanced visibility: Organizations benefit from enhanced visibility into cloud environments and robust threat detection capabilities, providing security teams with deeper insights to then apply proactive segmentation controls.
  • Improved vulnerability management: The integration improves vulnerability management by not only detecting misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, but also adding application deployment, and traffic flow telemetry data between workloads.  
  • Faster breach containment: The ability to implement granular access controls based on real-time threat intelligence minimizes the attack surface and automatically contains potential breaches.

Organizations increasingly rely on the cloud to run their critical systems and store their most valuable data, and as a result, cloud attacks are becoming more sophisticated and pervasive. According to Illumio’s Cloud Security Index, nearly half of all data breaches now originate in the cloud, costing organizations $4.1 million on average. The gaps in cloud security are recognized by security decision-makers with 95% saying they need better visibility and reaction times to cloud breaches, as well as increased efficiency in security operations.

The combined value of these two offerings will help customers build best-of-breed cloud security programs, regardless of where they may be on their cloud journey.  

“Cloud security teams are moving beyond playing catch-up to security alerts common to most cloud environments, to a new reality where they recognize that breaches will occur, so they must identify cloud misconfigurations, software vulnerabilities, and active threats. Additionally, they must be able to proactively apply segmentation controls to contain attacks,” said Philip Bues, Research Manager for Cloud Security at IDC. “By integrating threat detection and microsegmentation strategies, organizations can proactively manage their cloud security postures, while leveraging the principles of zero trust segmentation to effectively mitigate risk.”

"When it comes to cloud security, leaders need to quickly contain attacks in a fast-changing environment where attackers are trying every trick in the book to gain access and to move around,” said Todd Palmer, Senior Vice President of Global Partner Sales and Alliances at Illumio. “The integration between the Illumio and Wiz platforms means organizations can proactively streamline vulnerability management and breach containment in the cloud, significantly improving cyber resilience."

"The combined capabilities of Wiz and Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation Platform offer organizations a comprehensive approach to cloud security, encompassing threat detection, vulnerability management, and segmentation for public cloud applications and workloads,” said Oron Noah, Head of Product Extensibility & Partnerships, Wiz. “This integration underscores Wiz's commitment to delivering innovative solutions that safeguard digital assets and protect against emerging cyber threats."  

WIN is designed to enable a cloud security operating model where security and cloud teams work collaboratively to understand and control risks across their CI/CD pipeline. Wiz is setting the industry standard in integrated solution strategy to maximize operational capabilities of organizations with partners like Illumio in WIN.  

For more information on the partnership, please visit: https://www.illumio.com/partners-tap/wiz

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