Zero Trust Segmentation for Incident Response Partners

Respond and restore securely with Zero Trust Segmentation technology

Add immediate value designed for DFIR and recovery firms

  • Breach-savvy Illumio team on call

    24/7 access to experts in performing forensics and incident response on active breaches.

  • Customized tenants on demand

    Preconfigured for your response teams based on the tools you use during an active breach.

  • Complete confidentiality in all engagements

    Our program is designed to never add any additional complexity to you or the breached party.

Response teams can stop the spread of active breaches with Illumio

The Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation platform has already helped us to stop dozens of attacks from spreading mid-breach and has proven to be a valuable addition for our response teams. It gives us the visibility and ability to carve out clean environments, even in complex recovery projects with distributed networks, enabling our clients to get back to business faster and avoid costly business disruption from cyberattacks.
Matt Baruch

Senior Director,

Arm your response teams with Zero Trust Segmentation

Your clients rely on you to stop and limit the impact of breaches, helping them resume normal business operations quickly and safely. Augment your response teams’ capabilities with Zero Trust Segmentation, delivered by our security experts with no interruption to your existing processes.

  • Illustration of an eyeball

    Gain instant visibility

    Understand all communication between devices for DFIR and recovery teams going into unfamiliar environments.

  • Interconnected boxes centered around a highlighted box in the middle

    Stop breach spread

    Block ransomware from propagating across your client environments without touching the physical network or creating VLANs.

  • A grid of interconnected squares, one set off to the side, highlighted, and with an exclamation mark

    Limit blast radius

    Close common attack pathways by blocking subsets of high-risk protocols across the environment.

  • Interconnected squares in a linear sequence

    Prevent reinfection

    Separate compromised environments into "dirty" and "clean" bubbles for faster restoration of downed business lines.

  • A checklist on a clipboard

    Meet cyber insurance mandates

    Deliver protection of critical applications to comply with the increasing number of insurance requirements for segmentation.

  • A stopwatch hurtling through the air

    Increase EDR effectiveness

    Deployed alongside an EDR tool, Illumio increases EDR's allotted time to detect and remediate threats.

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