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Detect breaches earlier, contain them automatically

The integration of Illumio Core with the IBM Security QRadar XDR suite (SIEM and SOAR platforms) helps you easily create preemptive containment barriers for east-west networks, accelerate detection of lateral movement, and automatically deploy emergency ransomware containment controls.


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Comprehensive protection against modern security threats

Set preemptive barriers

Build controls in advance to limit the spread radius of any breach. Integrate Illumio with SIEM for early detection, and with SOAR for faster response.

Detect breaches sooner

Automatically receive early warnings of compromise when lateral movement attempts are initiated and denied.

Automate rapid response

Instantly activate emergency containment controls with a pre-built response plan that stops attackers in their tracks.


"The onslaught of ransomware attacks demands end to end visibility, advanced analytics and automated actions based on an open platform—which are the foundational elements on which QRadar XDR was designed. By leveraging its open architecture and segmentation platforms like Illumio, QRadar XDR helps customers achieve early detection, orchestration, and rapid, automated response to ransomware and other fast-moving attacks."

Chris Meenan, VP of Product Management at IBM Security