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AWS Marketplace Features Illumio as a Leading Cloud Security Solution

authorCharlie Bedell, Senior Content Marketing Specialist
authorMarch 10, 2023

The ways organizations operate and how and where their employees work have changed in the past few years – dramatically. This has forced many organizations to accelerate their digital transformation projects.

The most common of these projects? Cloud migration.

According to Forrester’s Public Cloud Market Insights 2022 report, 87% of respondents are adopting the public cloud.

While the shift to cloud-native applications is a win for organizations, it’s causing the cybersecurity threat landscape to intensify. In fact, Google’s recent acquisition of cybersecurity firm Mandiant, known for detecting cyber threats in the cloud, shows tech’s biggest players prioritizing cloud security.

Security teams can’t rely on traditional on-premises security operations for modern cloud-native infrastructure and expect to have visibility and consistent security control. The cloud calls for new security requirements and responsibilities.

In two recent publications on cloud security best practices, AWS Marketplace features Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation as a leading cloud security solution.

Keep reading to learn more about AWS Marketplace recommendations for cloud security.

Illumio is a “highly capable” ZTS solution for cloud security

AWS Marketplace partnered with cybersecurity research and education firm SANS for its 2023 Cloud Security Trends, A SANS ebook to offer cloud security best practices. It features Illumio as a “highly capable solution to implement Zero Trust across workloads and cloud assets.”


The ebook highlights solutions that deliver Zero Trust microsegmentation, also called Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS), as key to achieving Zero Trust security in the cloud.

According to the SANS research for AWS Marketplace, cloud infrastructure is increasingly being recognized as a critical element of Zero Trust architecture models and controls. A Zero Trust security strategy in the cloud can:

  • Fill cloud visibility gaps
  • Improve cloud security posture
  • Ensure inevitable cloud breaches don’t turn into cyber disasters

AWS Marketplace: Use Illumio ZTS to secure cloud infrastructure

As of 2022, 26% of U.S. employees work remotely – and are potentially accessing their organizations’ data on untrusted devices and network. This increase in distributed workforces and remote work means security teams must protect employees and data outside of traditional network perimeters.

The new ebook from AWS Marketplace, The value of a secure access service edge (SASE) model in protecting your cloud infrastructure, addresses how a cloud-native SASE security model helps extend security outside the on-premises network, protecting organizations against catastrophic ransomware and breaches.

AWS Marketplace features Illumio ZTS as a recommended SASE solution available on the Marketplace.

The ebook highlights Cathay Pacific’s implementation of Illumio Core and Illumio Endpoint which has allowed the organization to quickly build a trusted Zero Trust network for their on-premises and multi-cloud environments, including AWS.

With Illumio ZTS, Cathay Pacific was able to:

  • Protect 3,000+ servers and almost 600 applications
  • Implement in less than 3 months' time versus 12-18 months at the network-based level
  • Gain visibility for cross-team collaboration

Read more about how Cathay Pacific implemented Illumio ZTS.

Illumio ZTS stops the spread of ransomware and breaches in the cloud

Illumio ZTS aligns with the needs of cloud security. Starting with the Zero Trust mindset of “assume breach,” ZTS puts a priority on gaining consistent, context-based visibility everywhere, all the time.

Using that foundation of visibility, ZTS provides an iterative process that you can use to constantly improve your organization’s cloud security.

Find Illumio in the AWS Marketplace.

Ready to learn more about Illumio ZTS? Contact us today.

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